Jon Stewart Slams the Media on Ron Paul bias + HUGE Debate Win Also Hidden

This is absurdly and sadly comical. Jon Stewart does a great job of presenting this dark absurdity of the media’s denial of Ron Paul being a real contender, and outright leaving him out when mentioning the top contenders in which he is consistently among lately. Including a poll conducted during and after the GOP debates last Thursday in which Paul won, but FOX News took down halfway through the debate. I just saw the results and he had over 27,000 votes, and Newt Gingrich came in 2nd with just under 6,000 votes. WOW. How long can the media keep this up? Thanks Jon, I’m doubting you less than I’d been starting to the last few years…

Poll results/map:
Iowa GOP Debate Poll Results

Ron Paul 2012 – Jon Stewart Exposes the Mainstream Media Bias Against Ron Paul from Uyghur on Vimeo.


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