Do souls make less sensory judgments?

People are so judgmental of appearances, or what we sense with our 5 senses- looks, obviously… smell- “ew, he smells like dirty feet”… touch- “ew, his skin is so dry and flaky”… taste- “ew, he tastes bad”… and so on.

Well I’m spiritual- I think we’re spirits at our core- and beyond this world, in the afterlife or in-between or whatever, we don’t judge, we can’t, we’re just flying ethereal souls, right? But it would suck if we have like one unique thing that’s like a human sense. Like we each have a smell and can smell. And there’s no cologne or perfume for spirits of course. It would really suck if you were to smell bad, like have spirit gingivitis… would repel souls of the opposite sex for eternity. Just a thought.


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