Rumsfeld on Trial for Torture!

I’m going to start this blog on what I consider to be a positive and progressive (a couple adjectives we rarely hear used to describe recent events in our country) note for our country. This might be when you decide this blog isn’t for you, but don’t judge by my first post- I was and am vehemently against the Bush administration but you might be surprised what party I’m now registered as. I might get to that another day. For now, this is good news for any American, if nothing more than a symbolic and momentous case (but hopefully it ends up also bringing justice to a few Americans):

Two Americans, one a former contractor/Navy veteran and another contractor, reported illegal/corrupt activity in Iraq by U.S. contractors and military to the FBI, and afterward were kidnapped, detained and tortured- one for 3 months and one for 6 weeks- by the U.S. military. Some of the torture included food and water deprivation, sensory overload and deprivation, and walling- repeatedly slamming the detainee into a wall. The lawsuit against Bush’s defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld for authorizing the torture is getting the go ahead, AND his attempted defense that he and the government are immune because it took place in a war zone was REJECTED! The victims were American and have constitutional rights, after all. Rumsfeld isn’t the figurehead of all evil and all that’s wrong with our government but he sure is one of the big ones! It’s about time. I hope this is just the beginning. Feels good to start this blog on such a high note.


Interview with Donald Vance, Navy vet/torture victim:


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