List of people killed by Nevada police in 2015

A list of the 20 victims killed by police in 2015 in the state of Nevada. Information compiled from the database,, and numerous local and national media websites such as KTNV, Reno Gazzette-Journal, Las Vegas Review-Journal, CNN, and more. The date and city/township of the incident will be listed above each victim’s name, which will be followed by their age, sex, and race, and city/township and below that, the name(s) of the shooting officer(s), along with a link to a news story. Please message us with any missed or additional information, or if you are in any way involved with or related to any of the victims.
January 11th, North Las Vegas-
Salvador Figueroa, 29, Male Latino
Shot by Officer Loren Cooley
February 25th, Las Vegas-
Francis Spivey, 43, Male White
Shot by SWAT officer Bradley Cupp
March 30th, Boulder City-
John Marcell Allen, 54, Male, White
Shot by patrol officers Alan Nutzman and Armando Salazar
July 4th, Henderson-
Bryan David Bauer, 36, Male, White
Shot by Officers Forest Shields (SWAT) and Benson Harper (patrol)
July 10th, Las Vegas-
James Michael Todora, 54, Male, White
Shot by Officer Brian Kroenig
July 25th, Las Vegas-
Bryan Keith Day, 36, Male, Black
Shot by Officers Keith McIntyre, Christopher Gowens, and John Squeo
July 31st, Gardnerville-
Mark Perkins, 48, Male, White
Shot by 6 unnamed SWAT officers
August 7th, Las Vegas-
Abel Correa, 24, Male, Latino
Shot by Officers Eli Prunchak and Glenn Taylor
August 15th, Carson City-
Jonathon Pope, 30, Male, White
Deputy Carl Howell shot back at Pope who shot Howell, both died
August 23rd, Las Vegas-
William Lee Snyder, 57, Male, White
Shot by unnamed officer
August 29th, Las Vegas-
James Marcus Brown III, 25, Male, Black
Shot by officer Walter Young II
September 22nd, Las Vegas-
Donaven Kyle Anderson, 26, Male
Shot by Officers Jason Scarale and Drew Albers
October 15th, Las Vegas-
Linda Lee Lush, 50, Female, White
4 unnamed SWAT officers shot Lush
October 16th, Gardnerville-
Jarek Kozlowski, 27, Male
Killed by unnamed deputies
November 6th, Las Vegas-
James Francis Smyth, 55, Male, White
Shot by School Police Eric Schmidt and Raymond Cruzan
November 22nd, Reno-
Mathew Grows, 45, Male, White
Shot by unnamed officer
November 24th, Las Vegas-
Thomas Joseph McEniry, 32, Male, White
Shot by Officer Kyle Prior
December 14th, Las Vegas-
(TWO separate killings)
Brenda Dean Kimberling, 48, Female, White
Shot by officers Charles Moser and John Collingwoodo
Roberto Ortiz Sanchez, 45, Male, Latino
Shot by Officer Solon McGill
December 31st, Las Vegas-
Keith Childress, 23, Male, Black
Shot by as-yet-unnamed officer(s), cell phone mistaken for handgun

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