Rebecca Martin Faces Obstruction Charge for Remaining Silent

Rebecca Martin, the Navy Veteran and military rape victim whose recent judicial harassment saga I covered throughout the year (see: Peaceful Vegas Activists and their Families Under Assault by LVMPDBecca Martin’s Contempt Hearing- BRIEF RUNDOWN, and UPDATES: The Continued Abuse of Becca Martin in Jail and in Court for background), is facing trial starting this Monday, December 22nd, for an Obstruction charge she received upon her arrest back in June. The officers who arrested her while visiting her husband Jonathan Martin via video phone claim obstruction because she refused to answer questions without her attorney present. Clearly, she was exercising her 5th Amendment right. Now she faces up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine (her plea deal would have been a 6 month suspended sentence, one year probation and a $1400 fine, more than the illegally allowed charge for a misdemeanor).

You can see the police report below as well as grainy videos of the arrest at the visitation center… as well as how incorrect the names they use for her are. Two of the officers in the report, Jackson and Barlow, were also the plainclothes officers seen in the videos posted in the original article when they rammed Becca’s car (notice how they play it off in the report, and even use the “children in the area” as an excuse for their aggressive display… yeah, that’s why they showed off their guns I guess). Also referred to in the article is Officer Jackson’s comments saying he will find out where her tattoos are, amongst other sexual insinuations. So much is twisted and fabricated, but I will refrain from trying to make a case that her lawyer and herself certainly have a plan for.

If you live in Las Vegas, she sure could use all the support she can get, and it would be very appreciated by all involved if you could come to the trial. It will be at the Regional Justice Center located at 200 Lewis Ave. downtown, at 2pm on Monday Dec. 22nd, in Courtroom 5A (fifth floor). You can RSVP on the Facebook event page here. Updates will be posted soon.

IMG_125133964095531 - CopyIMG_124582573831596  IMG_124590633468402 - Copy

Visitation center videos:

And videos from when the plainclothes officers (who did not have their gear displayed the whole time) confronted Rebecca at her vehicle, upon Johnny’s arrest, days before hers, are in the original article.


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