Becca Martin’s Contempt Hearing- BRIEF RUNDOWN

Follow-up to this story of a young disabled vet and her husband being continuously harassed by a corrupt judge and realtors:

Quick summary of what happened at her court date today, July 8th, appearing before Judge William Kephart:

Becca plead No Contest to all charges, at least that I noticed, in order to be released tonight, after 19 days served. She is told to return the 17th (July), or else. He said she is accountable for the “group’s” actions, and harassed her relentlessly; you need to see some of the things he said below. It was obviously a deal to show Kephart’s power, to use her as an example, someone strong and outspoken while made vulnerable to the system’s violence… Attempting to break her down and not-at-all subtly and sideways threatening any and all supporters. Her new lawyer sees this clearly and seems to be good and giving Becca the best option at this time.

It hopefully is over, we are told, but it is so clear, and not disagreed with, that with the change in tone and gravitas and bullshit fist-wielding between all other cases and her case (been in that order whenever I go), he is a power-wielding-abusing wannabe tyrant who has gone madly out of control.


Also: We know they are also especially after the Sovereign Citizens movement, which I know no one who is a part of, but they keep interrogating her about this, as well as others. They are trying to lump us into some group they believe they can pin something on, when we’re not even involved. He’s right, this does go deep.

More to come.




This is basically what Judge Kephart said in his Holy lecture of Becca Martin. This will not be perfect or word for word with maybe a few exceptions, in quotes, and I’ll be adding more as I remember more:

“Do you like being in jail? I think you like being in jail.”

Stop fighting this. “I don’t think you understand the gravity of this situation.”

“I have the ultimate authority of deciding how long you spend in jail, you realize that, right?”

You are serving for your “group’s” actions. You will be held accountable for their actions on behalf of you .

I know you have people who came to support you, and that’s great, but this group that we know you are associated with is doing things, or things they think they can do, is very serious, and this goes very deep.

We know this is a political group, Anonymous, and this is serious business.

(some reference I’m pretty sure implied investigations concerning the cop killers but I can’t recall the exact line, it was sneaky)

You must come back on the 17th, (with your husband? and the group if they want to be? not sure I heard right) or else I will give you a bench warrant.

“Do you realize how long you could end up in jail?” For the actions of others, at 28 days each (paraphrased)… “you could face 5…” (I think he meant years…)

Stop coming at me with all this crap (holds up her motion for him to recuse himself, and refers to motions for protective order against him) (but I swear I heard him say “this shit”)! You will stop all of this fighting.

Your friends have to stop.


Another supporter’s (Tasha) more condensed take:

The election is over in November. My thoughts were that he was speaking about the individuals that work for the bank and not himself for harassment but I could be wrong. It is absolutely within your first amendment right to speak out against government officials…we can’t harass of course but you can speak out about it all although I think we should wait and see how Becca wants to move forward as he is targeting her. He gave her an entire speech and accused her of threatening people when she was just using the system to her advantage that they put her in and he was the one threatening her saying he would hold her accountable for other people’s actions. What a miserable, power hungry man.

Another supporter’s summary:

I hate to say it but Nick was right! FIVE ppl showed up. To recap what I’m sureJason has already posted, Becca Martin will be released today. The contempt of court charge stems from alleged third party members contacting (either physically or electronically) the realtors who have a protective order against her and her husband and a third party. The sentence was 19 days which she has already served and thus will be released shortly.(hopefully tonight).
Though I never doubted that the judge had a certain contempt for Becca and Johnny, I know (first hand) that he does. He said some back handed comment about how her friends were here to support her and something about “what they think they can do”. It was determined that it would be difficult for them to prove that anyone acted by her request to take any actions against anyone and thus make any of this truly stick but she would have had to stay in jail the whole time had she contested it.
In short, we have our Becca back and we’ll know more when they both return to court on the 17th.




2 thoughts on “Becca Martin’s Contempt Hearing- BRIEF RUNDOWN

  1. We still stand behind you. I feel so bad that I missed this court date because I would have been there too. I will do all I can to get this story out and I hope that anyone else reading this will do the same. If we stand together we can say NO MORE to the injustices here in Las Vegas.

  2. He claims to be an advocate for Veterans yet he’s terrorizing one. If he would check into Rebecca’s past even one iota, he would discover she served our country honorably and within a war zone. A judge takes an oath to uphold the law and to present unbiased opinions. He should step down as he has lost the ability and/or the will to perform his duties of office.

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