Peaceful Vegas Activists and their Families Under Assault by LVMPD

The Clark County judicial system/LVMPD is mercilessly trying to ruin my friends’ lives and you could be next. Count on it if you are a serious activist. I just got back from a video visitation of my friend Becca, a known rights activist, in which she was in tears the whole time and shared news even more disturbing than the past week of insanely maddening, saddening developments.

2014 has been a year many of us have felt big things were going to happen in the liberty movement, as well as other parallel rising tides, and we’ve known with major progress comes major opposition from those trying desperately to keep their grip on power over us. Facing that corrupt desperate behemoth in the face and being surrounded by friends being increasingly stomped on repeatedly by the jackboots of tyranny – at times feeling helpless at the giant’s feet and feeling lucky to not be getting stomped on myself – is the biggest challenge yet on this journey. The psy-ops are strong right now but we need to keep the “outside” view and our heads on our shoulders and keep in mind they are trying to intimidate and break us – those being targeted and those around them; probably almost everyone reading.

Local activist victory, even though none of the targets mentioned were involved

Local activist victory, even though none of the targets mentioned were directly involved

This is only the latest case and cluster of local activists being intimidated, harassed, arrested, and worse. Earlier this year a strange string of incidents including two car-inflicted injuries on pedestrian activist friends right after a victory against the “More Cops Tax” grabbed the attention and suspicion of many. Other freedom loving friends of mine have been threatened with CPS visits and been targeted by CPS. Recently since Bundy Ranch and dramatically moreso since the killings of two police officers by a couple that had no ties to any of our groups, no one I know knew them, and I know all kinds of activists, aside from them being kicked out of the ranch, activists have been getting harassed, arrested, and there is a lot coming to light now that I won’t get into because it’s a whole new troubling level and I want to focus on these close friends of mine whom know each other, but are supposedly not being gone after for anything related- but the similarities and timing are extremely striking.

The main thing the following two cases have in common is these activist friends have identified with the idea of Anonymous, the idea that “all of us deserve freedom. Freedom of thought, of speech, of expression, of knowledge, of belief. The freedom to determine the course and destination of our own lives.” ( Neither are criminal cases, and the only one we are actually aware of actually being a case is the Martins’ civil case, not criminal. However, they are being treated as hardened criminals.

They have committed no crimes, unless you call speaking up and using your freedom of speech to defend freedom and liberty a crime. Which apparently is becoming the case increasingly day by day in this country. Our suspicions have been confirmed. The arrests and harassment attacks described below are about Las Vegas activism and Anonymous and any other groups that they can tie together, and they are trying everything they can to link us to the officer shootings. Well we know we have had numerous successes in our peaceful activist pursuits locally, so now they are trying to win the way they do best- intimidation, silencing, and taking away more freedom. Much more will come out. We cannot let them win. We cannot let them silence us. And we cannot let each other be shut up and stomped on and kidnapped indefinitely. We all know we had nothing to do with the killer couple. But they are determined to take their biggest challenge down- our voices.


Alvin and his father who was harassed

First I will touch on the episode that takes quicker to describe, because the saga concerning Rebecca Martin goes quite deep and I have ample amounts of information for that, and you will see how the two incidents are tied deeply. Two days after Becca was harassed by undercovers and Johnny (not an activist but perhaps activist-by-association) was arrested, and just so happened to be around the exact same time she was arrested (around the point I stopped hearing from her), my other friend Alvin’s father was stopped down the sreet from his house by more plainclothes officers presenting screenshots of Alvin’s facebook posts critical of Metro, nothing threatening at all. They, with guns drawn and holding them against the chest, as you’ll see exactly like those who confronted Becca, tried to convice his dad he needed to let them search Alvin’s room for guns, without a search warrant. He fortunately did not allow them to, even though he knew there would be no guns. They came by the house later and said their boss called off the search, and that they were “just concerned about more cops getting killed.” Alvin’s posts never implied he would ever do such a thing, and I know him to not have that in his nature whatsoever. The undercovers also showed his father pictures of Alvin and others at protests and pointed out the Guy Fawkes masks “Anons” are known to wear. They made sure it was known that they did not like Anonymous.

Well right now I’m going to jump straight into a slice from the middle of the next major case I am about to describe, one that the judicial system here seems to have made very deep and one they’re putting a huge amount of energy into. At a court hearing a few months ago, one which concluded in Johnny, the male counterpart (then-fiancee, now husband) of the story I’m about to describe, getting arrested for contempt of court (after he broke down in tears and talked about the severe toll it was taking on his fiancee and their relationship, and the judge told him if it were a criminal case he’d be found for contempt- which he clarified it wasn’t- and then told him he can serve for his wife), the realtors/plaintiffs going after the Martins’ home had presented pictures of a few protesters wearing Anonymous masks along with others showing their faces, and then describing them as a “group or gang whose intention was to spread chaos and mayhem”. The judge latched onto the “gang” term and described the mask as some frightening Italian-looking mask representing a guy (Fawkes) who planned to blow up Parliament centuries ago. They demonized Anonymous to the fullest and associated Rebecca and Johnny, even picking one out as Johnny who definitely was not him- I know he was not there that day… just as they decided to make a deal out of associating my friend Alvin with Anonymous… at around the same hour that Rebecca was arrested, according to my deductions.

So now let me move into that ongoing story, in which we find Rebecca Martin, who has been continuously recognized and contacted for the Rolling Stone article about her military rape case,  The Rape of Petty Officer Blumer (also see her discuss it on The Jeff Probst Show: Military Sexual Trauma), of which one long-term result was severe PTSD triggered by uniformed officers, in jail for a couple more weeks on $50,000 bond. She has reached out to thousands of young women afraid to speak out about their rapes while serving the military because of the cover-up culture in which the victims are seen as the bad guys if they dare report rape to a soul. If they blast it out to the public, they are targeted and abused and discredited to no end and if their lives are not ruined, it is thanks to their amazing strength despite the odds. Well her strength has inspired so many victims to come forward, and many who feel squashed by the government’s heel to speak out no matter how much fear the “powers that be” try to instill. She knows her laws, codes, Constitutional rights, and how the system is supposed to work very well, and that may not mix well with cops of any kind who usually get away with anything and who know their target gets easily traumatized by their presence.
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Rebecca and Jonathan Martin’s wedding day

Her husband Jonathan Martin sat in jail as I typed most of this, after getting arrested at just about the same time I was going to visit them after his wife’s birthday and he was gone by the time I got there. He was ambushed by plainclothes police in front of his home with guns drawn as her car was rammed by their truck, and that will be described more below. He was finally released from jail today June 25th, two days after his recorded release date of the 23rd, when he and we were all told he’d be released. After he got home, the place I’ve been watching the past two days mainly due to the puppies and other pets needing to be fed who were neglected thanks to the LVMPD kidnapping their owners and people who were wondering where Rebecca was not being able to find her inmate records for three days after she was arrested, he confirmed some suspicions as to the real reasons they are being targeted, which by the way, I *know* he has had no involvement in, and have been part of their interrogations since before the shootings. They asked him if he knew the cop-killing couple, grilled him about Anonymous, and pushed about any kind of dissenting group info they could get. Of course he had no info to give.

As for Rebecca, she told me this today when I had a video visitation with her: “I’m doing ok, and just trying to hold on. Tell everyone to spread the word of what is happening.”

But not one hundred percent okay… here is a rundown of what she told me- They slammed her head against the wall after arresting her (from in front of her husband on the video visitation screen), breaking her prescription glasses; they may have pulled a pin from her previously injured arm; she is basically starving, as they will not give her any food accommodating her strong allergies to gluten, except for the few fruits that fellow inmates give her; she was not allowed to get the standard three phone numbers from her phone that inmates are usually allowed to retrieve for calls; Judge William Kephart upped his harassment at her court hearing (he also did at Johnny’s, saying he must like being in jail), sending in two cops to manhandle her after she informed him there is a Federal Investigation against him, and kept lying about what she’s done, and as I’ll get into set an outrageous $50,000 bail for contempt; she was interrogated relentlessly about numerous activist matters including if she’s part of the “sovereign citizens” movement, which she is not. It was very upsetting to only have that video contact with a best friend who has fallen victim to what amounts to ransom kidnappers.

Now I’ll go back to the beginning of this story. It starts with a house legally purchased by the Martins, quickly leading into a year-long battle assault on the couple initiated by Fannie Mae and the realty system mafia that evolved into a stepped-up relentless war taken over by the Nevada judicial “system” and presided over by one Judge William D. Kephart. I will let Rebecca take over for the core of this by putting this timeline of events for her intended judicial review that she has posted earlier versions of on her page. Emphasis is added by me to highlight the parts I consider the most egregious, which are many (my article continues below this important rundown of facts):

On July 3, 2013, Rebecca Blumer purchased a home located at (XXXXX) at foreclosure auction for $9,200.00 paying through cashiers check furnished to Alessi & Koenig, agent for Summit Hills Homeowners Association (HOA). Rebecca Blumer conveyed the property in her husband’s name, Jonathan D’Wayne Martin on July 19, 2013 and recorded a deed with the Clark County Recorders office. Rebecca Blumer and Jonathan Martin filed for eviction of the previous owners, but were able to settle amicably outside of court. The judge dismissed the eviction citing the property had already been turned over to the owner, Jonathan Martin.

On August 5, 2013, Trustee for First National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae), First American Trustee Servicing Solutions (First Am) filed a Notice of Default on the parcel under the previous owner’s names. On August 8, 2013 notice was posted on the door of Mr. Martin’s home informing him of the default. Ms. Blumer called First Am to inform them of the purchase and supply them with a copy of the recorded deed.

On or about August 14, 2013, Clark County Constable served Notice of Default and Election to Sell under Deed of Trust by taping notice to the front door of the Property. Ms. Blumer sent another copy of recorded Deed of Trust upon Sale to Defendant FirstAm via electronic mail. On or about August 20,2013, Ms. Blumer requested from FirstAm proof of debt in accordance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

On or about August 30, 2013, Ms. Blumer again requested from FirstAm proof of debt in accordance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act formally known as and codified under 15 USCA §§ 1692(a-p). Mr. Martin does not hold a note or security instrument with Defendant FirstAm, or any financial institution which would grant sale of Property owned by the Mr. Martin in accordance with Nevada Law.

On or about November 25, 2013, Notice of Trustee Sale was posted on the front door. Sale of property was set for December 16, 2013 at 10:00a.m. in Clark County. Ms. Blumer and Mr. Martin’s belief that the Trustee Sale fails to meet the guidelines outlines by Nevada State law and is an unlawful foreclosure.

On or about November 30, 2013, Notice of Trustee Sale was mailed via certified United States Postal Service addressed to the, Jonathan D’wayne Martin. The notice stated “YOU ARE IN DEFAULT UNDER A DEED OF TRUST, DATED 5/24/2007. UNLESS YOU TAKE ACTION TO PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY, IT MAY BE SOLD AT A PUBLIC SALE. IF YOU NEED AN EXPLANATION OF THE NATURE OF THE PROCEEDINGS AGAINST YOU, YOU SHOULD CONTACT A LAWYER.”

It further goes on stating “On 12/16/2013 at 10:00 A.M., First American Trustee Servicing Solutions, LLC, as duly appointed Trustee under and pursuant to Deed of Trust recorded 5/30/2007, as instrument No. 20070530-0003444, in book   , page   , of Official Records in the office of the County Recorder of CLARK County, State of Nevada. Executed by: DONNY DICKEY & PEARLIE DICKEY, HUSBAND AND WIFE AS JOINT TENANTS”

On December 16, 2013, First Am sold Mr. Martin’s property back to Fannie Mae for $192.014.60. On December 19, 2013, Seterus, agents for Fannie Mae recorded a fraudulent deed against the property. On December 20, 2013, Remax Agent Corey Geib, who was hired by Fannie Mae to evict Mr. Martin, posted “Notice of new Owner” on the property garage door. Mr. Martin called the number provided and informed them of the illegal sale and that there was a Lis Pendens filed informing of pending lawsuit. He requested no further trespass be made on the property. Mr. Geib reassured no further trespass would be made and Fannie Mae would be informed of the situation.

On January 2, 2014, a notice of “3 Day pay or Quit” notice was posted on the front door of the property. Another phone call was made to Mr. Geib’s office to inform them of the trespass and pending lawsuit. Courtney Ortiz, identified herself as the secretary, was informed of the trespass and told to inform her bosses that further action would be taken. Michael Vestuto engaged Mr. Martin in 2 phone calls where he attempted to instigate Mr. Martin to anger. Mr. Martin simply reiterated a posted “No Trespassing Sign” and informed Mr. Vestuto that violators will be shot according to Nevada Law. Mr. Vestuto reassured Mr. Martin that he would in fact trespass again and there wasn’t anything Mr. Martin could do about it. He further promised Mr. Martin that he would not be in his home by the end of the year.

On January 10, 2014, Plaintiff Michael Vestuto filed for a temporary protective order on behalf of himself and Courtney Ortiz and Corey Geib. On January 16, 2014 at 11:02:13 AM, Judge William “Bill” Kephart of Judicial Court Department 6 signed and filed an order setting hearing on case number 14PO0054 to be heard on January 30, 2014 at 8:55 AM in courtroom 1A. The Defendants Jonathan Martin and Rebecca Hamm-Blumer were served on January 22, 2014 by Kenneth Ross with the Clark County Constables Office.

On January 29, 2014, Corey Geib, Courtney Ortiz and Michael Vestuto were served, by unbiased third party, Jason Nellis, with a motion “opposing protective order and request for judicial review” containing 78 pages which were 12 pages for the motion and 66 pages of evidentiary exhibits detailing the various charges the Defendants, Jonathan Martin and Rebecca Hamm-Blumer, brought against the Plaintiffs Corey Geib, Michael Vestuto and Courtney Ortiz.

On January 30, 2014, Jonathan Martin and Rebecca Hamm-Blumer were summonsed to an order setting hearing for case number 14PO0054. The applicants did not appear in court, and according to Chapter 8 Protocol 8-1 the case was dismissed with prejudice due to lack of prosecution on behalf of the plaintiffs, Corey Geib, Courtney Ortiz and Michael Vestuto by Judge Pro Tempo Kurt Harris. On the record, Judge Kurt Harris stated case number 14PO0054 was dismissed and even made sure that Defendant Rebecca Hamm-Blumer would inform Defendant Jonathan Martin, who had been excused to the restroom when the case was called after a very long recess. Judge Harris asked Defendant Rebecca Hamm-Blumer if she had submitted a counter claim. Defendant Rebecca Hamm-Blumer informed the Judge that she did in fact submit a 78 page motion to the court on January 29, 2014 at 11:28:55 AM. Judge Harris stated he did not receive it yet, although it was available for the judge to read prior to the proceedings. Defendant Rebecca Hamm-Blumer asked if he would like an additional copy for him to review then. He refused and stated he would review it and grant my motion when he receives it.

On February 3, 2014, Defendants were again summonsed to court under case number 14PO0054 set to be heard on February 7, 2014. On the summons the box marked “Motion Granted” was checked, signed by Judge Kephart and filed on January 31, 2014 at 3:49:08PM. On February 7, 2014 the Plaintiffs accused defendants of picketing their place of business and ultimately graffiti their place of business.

Judge Kephart used the previously filed motion as a defense against another motion submitted by the plaintiffs on January 31, 2014 which violates NRS 412.378 (3). Judge Kephart stated multiple times that he had only read 6 pages of the 78 page motion submitted by the defendants on January 29, 2014. Judge Kephart additionally held up what his JEA, Minddie Lloyd had provided him and the bottom part of the 6th page was blank and did not match what was submitted and filed with the court. Judge Kephart also stated he did not believe the defendants due to the way their motion was worded, further leading the Defendants to wonder what Judge Kephart’s JEA had provided him. Defendant Rebecca Hamm-Blumer typed up the motion according to standard procedure and in third person. Judge Kephart further proved the copy held by him was not the true and accurate copy when he asked the defendants “How long have you not been paying your mortgage” informing the defendants that Judge Kephart hadn’t even read the first sentence of the motion that was filed by them. Furthermore, as soon as Defendant Jonathan Martin stepped up to the front of the court, Judge Kephart stated on the record “You look like someone who would do something like this” proving his premeditated bias in the court. Judge Kephart also stated that he was “Glad this case worked out the way it did.” Further stating “You have watched as all of these veterans are fighting for the rights you are trampling all over” completely neglecting the fact that Rebecca Hamm-Blumer is a disabled veteran, which she informed the Judge in the 78 page motion filed on January 29, 2014. This statement also shows the judge’s prior bias before the case was even called or overseen by him. Throughout the preceding, Judge Kephart slandered Rebecca’s name by incorrectly saying her name through various variations such as (Blum-Hammer, Ham Bloom, Bloom Ham, ect.) and made multiple bias statements against the defendants and their witness, which made a statement which was included in the 78 page motion. Multiple times Judge Kephart misquoted laws regarding the case and even stated that the Remax agents had every right to go into the Defendants home because they have a quiet title case pending in the District court overseen by Judge Susan Scann. He granted the protective order Judge Harris had already dismissed with prejudice on what he stated was “Circumstantial evidence at best”. The plaintiffs had only requested a TRO and due to his bias, Judge Kephart approved an extended order against the defendants and their witness out of pure dislike for Defendant Jonathan Martin, as he had stated on the record that he did not like his attitude, when Jonathan was simply smiling. He ordered the plaintiffs to not contact the defendants either, stated the PTO goes both ways.”

On February 11, 2014 at 9:47:56 AM, Defendant Rebecca Hamm-Blumer filed a motion “Dissolving Protective Order”. Judge Kephart summonsed the defendants for another hearing on February 20, 2014. The order was signed by Judge Kephart and filed on February 12, 2014 at 10:44:46 AM.  At the hearing the Defendants had their lawyer, Spencer Judd, present. Judge Kephart had summonsed Spencer Judd into his chambers where he proceeded to try to talk Spencer Judd out of representing his clients, the Defendants Jonathan Martin and Rebecca Hamm-Blumer. He also required Spencer Judd to prove he was retained by his clients and they had in fact paid for him to be there to represent them.

Judge Kephart also informed Spencer Judd that he had wanted to hold Jonathan Martin in contempt the previous hearing, which he again stated in the March 24, 2014 hearing. Judge Kephart further asked if Spencer Judd had been retained by their witness Alexander Scholes, which he gave a PTO against without ever summonsing him to court. Judge Kephart approved an extension for the hearing so Spencer Judd could prepare himself with the case, since the defendant had just retained him the day before the hearing. The plaintiffs were not present at that hearing.

On March 7, 2014, a status check hearing was conducted. The plaintiffs were present along with the defendants, except Alexander Scholes, which again had not been summonsed, and their counsel, Spencer Judd. At that hearing Judge Kephart denied the defendants motion of double jeopardy and request for dissolution of the protective order and the grounds that the case had already been dismissed due to failure to prosecute. The defendants counsel, Spencer Judd, requested Judge Kephart to recuse himself due to bias and Judge Kephart stated that Mr. Judd needed to write up a motion for that request. That motion was then denied later that week.

On March 10, 2014, Judge Kephart signed an order filed by Plaintiff Michael Vestuto. Additionally on March 10, 2014, Defendant Rebecca Hamm-Blumer’s yahoo email was locked out due to suspicious activity, leading the defendants to believe Judge Kephart had tried to break into the email account. Plaintiffs filed another summons for the defendants for “Violation of Restraining order; Perjury of Court” which was filed the summons signed by him on March 10, 2014, by Plaintiff Michael Vestuto on March 7, 2014 at 4:40:49 PM.

The defendants were served on March 17, 2014 for the hearing on March 24, 2014. Plaintiff Michael Vestuto made multiple false accusations upon which the Judge entertained. Even a photo where he tried to compare Defendant Jonathan Martin with a completely different person. Judge Kephart stated on the record that Defendant Jonathan Martin just grew out his hair and must be mentally insane if he believes the person in the photo isn’t the Defendant Jonathan Martin. The Defendants have multiple photographs which were uploaded on Facebook and were time-stamped showing Defendant Jonathan Martin had not changed his appearance as the Judge attempted to accuse him of doing. Detective Michael Brewer with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Domestic Violence division lied on the stand stating he phoned 832-493-8907 and spoke with Defendant Jonathan Martin. That is known to be a lie when checked by phone records. He in fact did call Defendant Jonathan Martin but on another phone number, 832-392-3830.

Plaintiff Michael Vestuto lied multiple times on the record and made exaggerated claims even citing a farewell to a friend, whom Defendant Rebecca Hamm-Blumer had served with, whom had committed suicide in November 2014 as evidence of involvement with a “gang called Anonymous”. Judge Kephart additionally made false statements regarding what was said on the record by the defendants. The evidence provided for alledged Craigslist Ads “posted to cause annoyance” stated the IP address used to post the ads as “, which when properly searched leads to an apartment complex named Belle Vita off W. Harmon Ave in Las Vegas Nevada. The email alledged to have been used to post the ads was provided as which has an IP address of The phone number alleged to be linked to the ads was a number that had been disconnected in January due to multiple blocked calls and harassing phone calls, after the realtors obtained the number. It was very apparent that Mr. Vestuto, who testified to the information from Craigslist, does not understand internet protocols or how to accurately track someone’s online activity. Detective Brewer testified that he did not know what an IP address even was. Judge Kephart showed extreme bias in this case when he sentenced Defendant Jonathan Martin to 10 days contempt purely out of spite.

Judge Kephart stated that Defendant Jonathan Martin “could serve the time on behalf his wife” Defendant Rebecca Hamm-Blumer, which was not present due to a suicide attempt and her commitment to the VA inpatient mental ward that morning. He stated that Defendant Jonathan Martin could “Be the man in the family.” Even though all the evidence presented was again, Circumstantial and not enough to prove the defendants had anything to do with the actions brought up by the Plaintiffs, Judge Kephart further defended his order by amending it on 4/23/14. The sentencing violates Defendant Jonathan Martin’s civil rights.

Additionally, Defendant Rebecca Hamm-Blumer was represented by her counsel, Spencer Judd, and did not need to be present at the proceeding. Furthermore, a federal appointment outweighs a civil summons. Judge Kephart continuously slanders Rebecca Hamm-Blumer’s name on the record and is a blatant attempt at further disrespect toward the defendants. Since Defendant Jonathan Martin was booked into the Clark County Correctional Facility to serve his unconstitutional sentence of 10 days contempt of court “On behalf of his wife”, visitation was not allowed until the last 2 days of the sentence.

The arresting officer, Bailiff James Kinnally, made multiple false statements to Jonathan Martin regarding his wifes attempted suicide, leading him to believe his wife was dead and is why she would not be visiting. The first night of his sentence, Jonathan Martin, upon the belief that his wife was dead, tried to kill himself by cutting his wrist. The jail staff did not provide any medical treatment other than telling him to “Apply Pressure” and placed him on suicide watch. The first 2 days Jonathan was not given any food upon which he could eat due to his extreme food allergies including, Gluten, dairy, poultry, and red meat. His allergies written down were wrong and he was provided food that would have cause extreme bodily harm if consumed by Jonathan Martin.

Additionally, Detective Michael Brewer and another unknown officer interrogated Jonathan Martin for 3 days, even after Jonathan Martin verbally requested the presence of his lawyer, Spencer Judd. His lawyer was never called and the interrogations continued against policy and civil rights. This was a blatant attempt to keep Defendant Jonathan Martin isolated away from his family and friends. Detective Brewer even stated to Jonathan that they knew he didn’t do anything and just needed to clear him of any wrong doing. Furthermore, when Defendant Jonathan Martin was able to speak his wife during a scheduled visitation on March 30, 2014 for a total of 1 minute before the connection was interrupted. When Defendant Rebecca Hamm-Blumer requested to file a report against the visitation facility, Officer Redman stated he would arrest Defendant Rebecca Hamm-Blumer if she did not leave the facility immediately. Judge Kephart and his staff have shown extreme bias and corruption of the law in case number 14PO0054.

Additionally, Judge Kephart, stated that he later changed his mind about the Plaintiffs not being able to contact the Defendants, since they continuously check up on them online and searched the defendant’s friends and family via social media in mob style harassment. Furthermore, the plaintiffs have made multiple attempts at contacting the defendants via third party, blocked numbers and have been spotted sitting in vehicles parked down the street from the defendant’s home.

Plaintiff further damaged Defendant Rebecca Hamm-Blumer’s vehicle by placing a GPS location device on her car. When the wheel well was pulled back for the placement of the GPS device, it was damaged. The Plaintiffs also slashed the Defendants tires, which was done on purpose to cover up the placement and/or retrieval of the GPS device as stated in an expert witness statement from a mechanic with over 20 years’ experience. The mafia type stalking has driven Defendant Rebecca Hamm-Blumer to attempt suicide on 2 separate occasions, making their actions a felony according to Nevada State Law considering her mental disability.

Moreover this type of behavior borders attempted manslaughter due to the continual harassment which drove a mentally unstable individual to attempt to take their own life. Judge Kephart further assaulted Defendant Rebecca Hamm-Blumer’s mental state by taking away her only caregiver, forcing her mother to make an expensive flight from Kuwait to assist in Defendant Rebecca Hamm-Blumer’s medical conditions and safety. During that time, Defendant Rebecca Hamm-Blumer’s mother had to take off of work in order to be present for her daughter during the time Defendant Jonathan Martin was being held in contempt of court and serving on behalf of another person, violating his fourth amendment rights.

Upon research the defendant has learned Plaintiffs are friends with Judge Kephart’s cousin, Devon Ruddell, and have multiple mutual friends on online social media websites, including his son, Matthew Kephart. This is more than enough reason for the Judge to recuse himself, however he refuses. He continues to hold bias toward the defendants and out right refuses to even read their motions or hear their testimony.

On March 24, 2014 hearing Judge Kephart stated to Defendant Jonathan Martin “I’m listening to you, don’t rub it too far” after Defendant Jonathan Martin started crying and pleading for the harassment to stop. Defendant Jonathan Martin stated he said thank you to the judge when he gave the defendants a protective order because he thought it would make the harassment from the realtors and Fannie Mae cease so Defendant Rebecca Hamm-Blumer could live her life free from fear of physical and mental assault.

Moreover, on March 7, 2014, the Judges Judicial Executive Assistant, Minddie Lloyd, upon her seeing Defendant Courtney Ortiz in the courtroom, called out her name, waved and blew a kiss to her. This shows the JEA and the Plaintiffs know each other outside of court and is further reason for Judge Kephart to recuse himself. Additionally, at the same hearing, Plaintiff Michael Vestuto stated on the record that he had sent a video on his cell phone to the judge’s cell phone, proving the Plaintiffs have a personal relationship with the judge outside of court.

Any attempt for the defendants to reach the Judge or his JEA was futile, since the calls were never returned or answered. Voicemails were left requesting the transcripts for the January 30, 2014 hearing as well as the February 7, 2014 hearing. On March 24, 2014, Judge Kephart’s assistant and Detective Michael Brewer followed Defendant Jonathan Martin’s friend, Jason Nellis, and demanded he turn over the Defendants cellular phone, which belonged to Defendant Rebecca Hamm-Blumer and was given to Jason by Jonathan to give back to her. Jason Nellis, only after coaxing and lies furnished by the detective and Judge’s assistant, turned over the phone to Detective Brewer. No warrant was presented and the phone was never turned into evidence, which was verified by Defendant Rebecca Hamm-Blumer on March 28, 2014, after her release from inpatient hold at the Veterans Administration. The phone has since been used to call multiple police and corrections phone numbers.

Furthermore, data has been downloaded on the phone daily since the theft of the Defendant’s property. On March 28, 2014, Defendant Rebecca Hamm-Blumer filed a report against Detective Brewer with internal affairs at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and suspended the phone with Verizon Wireless, until the release of Defendant Jonathan Martin from the unconstitutional Contempt of Court charge given to him by Judge Kephart. At the defendants’ wedding on 4/4/14, the defendants attorney returned the cell phone back to Jonathan. He had gotten the phone back from Detective Brewer, which he had stated, the plaintiffs don’t have a case.

On or about March 31, 2014, after being released from the VA mental ward for a suicide attempt, Defendant Rebecca Hamm-Blumer and her friend stood outside the courthouse informing citizens of the corruption and bias in case #14PO0054. After being there approximately 30 minutes, three officers of the courthouse came out to speak to Defendant Rebecca Hamm-Blumer. They requested she stop voicing information about the case and requested her to lower the volume of her speech or leave. She informed the officer that she has a first amendment right to assemble and free speech. She also informed the officer that the first amendment did not dictate the volume upon which she uses her free speech rights. This was a barefaced attempt to silence the truth regarding the illegal proceeding being conducted by Judge William “Bill” Kephart.

Again on or about April 1, 2014, Defendant Rebecca Hamm-Blumer, along with concerned citizens, personally unknown to the defendant, from the community, stood outside the courthouse informing others of the bias and corruption in case #14PO0054. Judge William “Bill” Kephart came outside the courthouse, and proceeded to seek out Defendant Rebecca Hamm-Blumer. He said “Don’t I have a warrant for you?” Kephart crossed the street as Defendant Rebecca Hamm-Blumer continued to tell him to recuse himself and that he violated her husband’s civil rights. He then dialed a number on his cell phone, then 2 officers proceeded to run toward Defendant Rebecca Hamm-Blumer, in order to attempt to arrest Defendant Rebecca Hamm-Blumer, without a viable warrant. Defendant Rebecca Hamm-Blumer was able to evade the officers in order to continue her freedom of movement unmolested. As Kephart had stated on the bench, he would not go after Defendant Rebecca Hamm-Blumer if she did in fact get committed to the Veterans Administration. The on the spot warrant made by Kephart is another harassment tactic and attempt to silence a witness to the corruption in case #14PO0054.

On or about April 6, 2014, Mr. Martin and Ms. Blumer went on their honeymoon to Texas after their wedding on April 4, 2014. Unbeknownst to the Martin’s, since no servicing was completed, Judge Kephart held a court hearing on April 7, 2014. At that hearing he ordered the Lawyer for the Martin’s that if they did not show up by the next day, a bench warrant would be submitted. The Martins were unable to attend court since they were out of state in Texas on their honeymoon. During the time they were gone, Metro Police and Constable Kenneth Ross attempted to search the property on three separate occasions in search of the Martins stating he had Bench Warrants for Mr. Martin and his wife. The Martins’ house sitters refused all attempts to search the property. They reported that police sat outside in their vehicles every day.

On April 14, 2014, a Violation of Restraining Order was signed by Judge Kephart and filed on April 15, 2014. Additionally on April 14, 2014, Judge Kephart “Amended Extended Protection Order against Stalking, Aggravated Stalking of Harassment (NRS 200.591)” and further stated the Martins were present for the hearing amending extended protection order. The Martins were not present as they were on their honeymoon.

On April 17, 2014, Judge Kephart signed an “Amended Order for Punishment of Contempt Committed by Jonathan D’Wayne Martin” and filed with the courts on April 23, 2014. In the amended order stated Mr. Martin already served his contempt order of 10 days. The judge also reaffirms the lack of evidence linking Mr. Martin or his wife to any of the alleged crimes committed against the Remax agents. An additional hearing was set for May 1, 2014, upon which the plaintiffs were not present and was only put on calendar so they could bring more evidence against the Martin’s if they wanted to. No additional evidence was submitted.

On three separate occasions during the week of June 9, 2014 through June 13, 2014, LVMPD officers dressed in plain clothes approached the Martin’s residence from their neighbors driveway and side yard with guns drawn and even attempted to open the front door and removed a screen off the front window of the residence. Officers peered over the wall into the back yard. They left multiple dings in the Martin’s front door from where they used a blunt object to knock on the metal door.  They rang the doorbell so many times causing the chime to break.

On June 18, 2014, LVMPD officers dressed in plain clothes armed with guns driving unmarked Dodge truck rammed the rear end of Rebecca’s car in her driveway as she was pulling in from a trip to the store in an attempt to apprehend Jonathan. The officers did not identify themselves as police or present any badges until after her vehicle was disabled and prevented from continuing her freedom of movement. She asked multiple times if she was free to go or if she was being detained. The police vehicle that had rear-ended her prevented her from moving forward or backwards. No warrant was presented and in fact, the officers stated they could not show the warrant because it was on the computer and the warrant wasn’t for Rebecca, so they couldn’t show her. The officers took Jonathan away to jail where the initial court appearance was scheduled for Friday June 20, 2014, but later changed to Monday June 23, 2014, in an attempt to keep Jonathan in jail longer and through the weekend.

Throughout the case, Judge Kephart has engaged in ex parte communications with the plaintiffs and with the defendant’s attorney where the defendants were not allowed to be present. During the meeting in his chambers with the defendant’s attorney, Judge Kephart tried to talk their attorney out of representing them. This is a violation of Judge Kephart’s oath to remain unbiased and impartial. He has shown a bias toward the defendants, made multiple slanderous statements about the Defendants while court was in session.

Judge Kephart’s prejudice and corruption has shielded him from properly standing as an unbiased judge and should immediately be removed from his position and disbarred due to his complete lack of knowledge and disregard for the law.

Also, upon reading the above, do these cases sound familiar?
Foreclosure fraud fighter’s husband: “My wife is the warrior for the people.”

Also, in a side-portion of the story above, the judge and plaintiffs brought her activist actions into it and pointed out involvement in protests with people in Anonymous. She had many “Anon” fans and friends due to her activism and they stood up for her, speaking out about these injustices, and the judge pulled them more into it and demonized her for the alleged associations, thus sparking a few Anons and others, about five people total, to show up at the courthouse and protest the judge on April 8th, 2014. After a while they were approached by dozens of police officers and told to leave, and escorted off property, being told that Judge Kephart had a protective order against Anonymous. The police tried to get a few to take their masks off for pictures and identification but they lawfully declined. Just months before this, he told the realtors, “You cannot give a protective order against a fictitious person.” Following that original stance which appeared somewhat “fair”, he suddenly became very clearly on the side of the realtors and on a warpath against Rebecca and Jonathan.

So in a nutshell from my perspective, the big banks tried taking their home from them right after they bought it directly, they fought it, they got harassed and fought against harder, and then the legal system starring the bought-out corrupt judge blatantly backed up the banks, and the harassment pushed them both to nearly commit suicide. They got married upon Jon’s first release from jail and her release from the VA, and during their honeymoon, they did not show up at a hearing that they did not get served for, but their attorney did. Since returning to Vegas, the police showed up at their house every day, intimidating them more, and knowing full well that Rebecca has the PTSD that is triggered by officers in uniform. After a couple weeks, upon Becca and Johnny’s return from the store, two unmarked vehicles blocked their car in their driveway, and the unmarked silver truck rammed into the back of Becca’s vehicle. The plainclothes officers got out and she got these videos:
(article continues after videos)

As you can see, the officers change their story multiple times, from her having a warrant to obstructing an investigation to her having to file an accident report. They underestimated her knowledge of the laws and eventually left her alone after they couldn’t produce a warrant or get her out of the car. They could not produce a warrant for Jonathan but they snatched him as soon as he got out of the car, before she started getting video. She could not find his warrant in public searches, but she eventually obtained the warrant number after numerous phone calls, and a bail bondsman told her his warrant was for being a material witness on a narcotics case, which he knew nothing about and was not served for. Their case had NOTHING to do with narcotics. But then the jail records show he was arrested for contempt of court. And of course, what they interrogated him about was activist groups.


Rebecca Martin’s inmate status as of 6/24/14

A few days later, on Friday June 20th, Rebecca was arrested when she was in the middle of her first video visitation with her husband. Seconds after she sat down to speak with him, three female officers snatched her, knowing how much it bothers her husband who knows her PTSD triggering by cops. Right around the same time my friend’s father was pulled over and harassed by plainclothes undercover officers resembling and acting like the ones in Rebecca’s videos. Her charge is contempt of court, and Judge Kephart set her bail to an unheard of $50,000, and she is now scheduled to appear on July 8. So now they’re violating her 8th Amendment right to reasonable bail.


Jonathan Martin’s inmate status as of 6/24/14

Jonathan is considering putting up the house as collateral for the bail money, while friends tell him he shouldn’t. Becca knows it is unlikely she’ll get out on bail and is accepting the trauma of the next couple weeks. They have already been fighting so hard for their home for a year and standing up for their rights, but now they have been pushed to this point where they can’t live in peace or even go a day without wondering if they may get locked up again at any moment, for legitimate reason. Their friends and families have become increasingly worried for their safety, and as much as those who live in Vegas with them want them to remain close, such as myself, we realize clearly now that this has become a dangerous place for them, and their best bet is to avoid this government of violent thugs, yet we still want them to stand up and are very proud of them being so strong.

But justice needs to be served to the real criminals- such as Kephart, the corrupt realtors, the banks, and even up to people like Harry Reid, since Bundy Ranch has been tied into this by way of the officer shootings, and everyone who stands up for their rights, especially in Nevada, has now been labeled as a domestic terrorist thanks to him and the current government environment that encourages these types of true government-trained terrorists. This predatory violent pattern is spreading across the states with very similar cases as mentioned above (check out the woman who fought USBank and got tackled by 20 cops in CA the other day), and has deep roots. There is a reason they are treating them as criminals when this is a civil case.

This needs to be exposed to all corners of the nation and world, and the dominoes need to fall in the other direction- against those locking up innocent people for standing up for their own homes and lives- as well as for others. We are at the most treacherous crossroads yet and we must not surrender with so much progress behind us.

And if you would like to write Becca while she is in jail (court date is July 8th, 2014, hopefully she is released promptly thereafter), she would be thrilled to receive letters, to get her address upon request: contact or her husband Johnny Westballs on Facebook.10009288_10152701034853625_1118130112_n As for corrupt Kephart, while he was a Prosecutor, he sent at least two innocent people to prison, one proven to be wrongly accused after twenty years, and another currently remaining in prison. Here are some links to begin your research: Kirstin Blaise Lobato’s prosecutor endorsed by Las Vegas Review-Journal for Justice of the Peace
I-Team: Wrongfully Convicted Las Vegas Man in Need of Work
One Nation under God with Liberty and Justice for all…except for Kirstin Lobato
I-Team: Man Found Innocent After 20 Years in Prison

And in November, Kephart is running for District Court Judge, Dept. 19. Please vote for his opponent, Cliff Marcek, whom I have never met nor associated with (but I have looked into his history)- this is the least we can do to keep further victims from becoming this corrupt judge’s prey. If you have any similar or related accounts of injustice and abuse by the Vegas/Clark/Nevada judicial system and especially Kephart, please comment.

Lesson here? If you’re standing up for people’s rights, speaking out and taking action against the rampant cover-ups of military sexual assault, foreclosure fraud, police harassment and brutality, for the Constitution, or our children’s futures… then raise your voice as loud as you can, no matter what they threaten, or else no one will hear you when they try to silence you. Of course, the courts are trying to “teach them a lesson” and push them out of their home, and it seems the city, as well. You might find yourself getting interrogated soon for things you know you nor anyone you know had anything to do with, so be mentally prepared, and remember your RIGHTS. Spreading awareness is the key to victory and freedom.


A Facebook event page for Becca’s court date as well as supporting her and #OpFreeBeccaMartin is at

Rebecca’s case documents:

The undercover cop who rammed Becca’s car with his Dodge Ram is Brian Jackson, and ended up charging her with obstruction. Seen in the videos… she said a female officer Shields is the one who slammed her head into the wall during the arrest, and she thinks she may have gotten a concussion from it. She is doing better now and is getting her meds, and says the COs are being respectful, and vice versa. Except someone (I think it may have been Kephart but may be wrong) told her she is on “medical stay” because of psychological issues stemming from her rape. (??) She filed to recuse Kephart the other day and here are some campaign contributors which you can find in a public online search: Greater Las Vegas Realtors, Deputy DA and numerous Public Defenders, the Judicial Enforcement Unit, MGM Mirage, Caesars, Sands (Sheldon Adelson), Station Casinos, and many more… I’m going to post documentation via Dropbox that she gave me permission to post. Kephart has been putting words in her mouth and made a big deal about two other people in masks being at a protest. She loves you all and thanks you for all your support, and is looking at the bright side of it being 10, well now 9 days left.


Me and Becca

#FreeBecca #OpFreeBeccaMartin


3 thoughts on “Peaceful Vegas Activists and their Families Under Assault by LVMPD

  1. You have support and I hope to do all that I can – I will be going out to vote this November just to make sure this judge doesn’t stay.

    I’m sick and tired of the corruption in Las Vegas – this isn’t the wild west anymore and we AREN’T run by the mafia

  2. Kephart should have listened when Becca said Federal Investigation…. Kephart is crashing & burning, but of course he’s so stupid he thinks he’s invincible & the feds aren’t coming 4 him. LMAO! I wonder how he’s going to feel sitting in a jail cell? He better pray 4 protective custody so the inmates don’t get him which means solitary for the dishonorable Judge & then the feds are coming 4 his “friends” too… I wonder how mad they’re going to be @ Kephart? Who 2 save themselves will turn on Kephart because he’s the big fish to fry… I’m guessing Kephart never expected he was messing with the wrong family. He’s apparently too stupid 2 realize you never f*ck with the feds especially not the NSA who already has all his deep dark secrets. Poor Kephart fell for it hook line & sinker because he thinks he’s invincible & in denied… too late now we already have the evidence… ALL of it. No aspect of his life’s work was spared. I said ALL & I really meant ALL of it. Every secret he was scared of coming up, we got it. I can’t wait 2 c him plastered all over the news in handcuffs being escorted to booking. Don’t worry we are definitely “tipping” every major national news network & all the locals too. The whole world going to c Kephart & Co in handcuffs being escorted to jail. Kephart & Co are ruined & don’t even know it yet. Haha idiot(s) …

  3. make sure you file complaints with the nv. bar association as well, since most judges are lawyers also, for misconduct. am saddened to hear this is happening to her and her husband. this town has become a huge cesspool of corruption and with the way the nation is becoming under obamas rule, this militarized police state has created a nightmare for everyday folk. having lived here my whole life i know first hand what the police are like here and this couple has every right to feel violated and harassed. i would be contacting federal level and local level agencies every day, as well as lamestreem media and any consumer agencies who will listen. my heart goes out to these two. LVMPD is one of the most corrupt agencies in the nation, IMO. their lawlessness has been out of control now for at least 10+ years. living here has become unbearable for the most part, and they have ruined this town with their unchallenged and lawless badge status. its sickening. anyway, i will be keeping up with this story for sure and send lots of prayers their way for a peaceful ending and their victory, this totally sucks.

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