The Political Party: New Las Vegas non-partisan meet-and-greet series starts superbly

DSC02420Last week, the newest and I’d say suavest and most enjoyable non-partisan political event series to grace Las Vegas, The Political Party, had its opening meet-and-greet party at the beautiful Hyde lounge at the Bellagio resort last Thursday May 22nd, with a spectacular view of the famous fountains, giving the guests on the porch a front-row show every hour. The champagne flowed and the glasses clinked, healthy debates and conversations between newfound friends and acquaintances filled the air, the large luxurious pool’s breeze kept the air refreshing, and many candidates and interested voters filled the gorgeous room.

Jay Lake, Tasha Heath and Raveendra Babu Suryadevara

Did I mention this entire series is non-partisan? I don’t think I can even recall the last time I went to a non-partisan political party. Voters and candidates of all backgrounds and affiliations are welcome. This was very refreshing in more ways than one and promises to continue to be!

As the website states, “The attendees are comprised of elected officials, state party and county party committee members, activists, candidates seeking election/re-election, political media, political donors, advisors, coalition members, non-profits, PACS/SUPER PACS, and others involved in Nevada politics. Additionally, the general public who are interested in politics are encouraged to participate at the event and interact with legislators.”Jason Smith, Brett Pojunis, Tim Hagan, and Jim Duensing

Check out the photos at the event page here- (or my lesser quality album here) and see videos of numerous candidates’ speeches below!

The next event is this Thursday, May 29th, at 6pm, again at Hyde at the Bellagio, and you can register here for free:

Jane Femiano meets Diana Orrock

And the following event, the final meet the candidates event in this series, is the following Thursday, June 5th, once again at Hyde, which can be registered for here, and the first 200 get in free:

And then there will be monthly socials, beginning with a Post-Primary Party on June 12th:

Ted Moody, running for Sheriff- he's got my vote!

More info and updates to come. Did I mention this is all NON-PARTISAN?!?

Videos of candidates speeches (sorry for low lighting- camera issues… and I’ll ask that people be quieter next time, heh):

Cindy Lake – Clark County Commission District G

Jason Smith – Clark County Commission District F

Ted Moody – Clark County Sheriff

Tim Deam – Clark County Sheriff

Jim Duensing – Clark County District Attorney

Steve Wolfson – Clark County District Attorney (incumbent)

Tim Hagan – Clark County Assessor

Monti Levy – Clark County Family Court Dept. N

Jacob Hafter – Clark County District Court Judge Dept. 22

Vincent Ochoa – Family Court Judge, Department S

Brett Pojunis, host- intro


DSC024202 I can’t remember if I said it’s non-partisan


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