Do Not Fear the Government: What I’ve learned from Bundy Ranch

Do not fear the government. The main lesson(s) I have learned from the Bundy Ranch saga, so far, are that when we let go of fear, we win, and then the government actually fears us as it was meant to; and when we give in to fear, we lose. Over the years I’ve been increasingly involved in activism and “politics” (facing the government, not playing the games), I’ve of course seen many instances of losing thanks to fear, but also more and more instances of the people acting out of bravery, and winning, especially on the local level. This has made me very proud of my fellow Nevada-Americans. Numerous times during this ordeal, I actually *was* (and am) proud to be an American, and sang that song to myself with true heartfelt identification, and not just shallow patriotism due to being born here and raised on spoon-fed lyrical nationalism.

Fear has led us to draconian laws that so many accept either because the federal government convinces us they’re necessary to keep us safe, or just because they wield power they convinced us they have, and we fear the consequences of not obeying the rules they set using their supposed powers. These powers and abuse of them is exactly what America was created to stand against. This is not some “old fashioned” belief, this is why we are supposed to be proud to be Americans. If this has been forgotten, why be proud?

Just about all the arguments against the Bundys that I have heard and read, and they have been endless, have been based in this mindset that Bundy is wrong and the government is right simply because the BLM, which basically regulates itself (therefore no true regulation), makes these relatively new rules that Bundy doesn’t recognize, no matter that they’re younger than Bundy himself and have been there for far less time than the family has been on that land. I joined the supporters in the battle for Bundy Ranch not to try to help win the nitty gritty legal/monetary disputes (even though I have learned plenty to back them up, including the Supreme Court’s Pollard decision, and about the differences between a state and a territory- once a territory becomes a state, the state becomes an entity unto itself- and how the ranch is not the federal government’s jurisdiction), but to stand up for rights that came and are under major assault, and what could have amounted to a last stand for our Constitution and country.

What we saw on April 12, 2014, was, even if a tactical move on the part of the government, a major historical victory for our Constitutional rights from state sovereignty to the Second Amendment to the First Amendment to the Tenth Amendment, and more. It was a peaceful victory heard ’round the world without a shot fired, by We The People against the behemoth federal government. The sight of heavily armed paramilitary BLM “troops” backing away from the crowd of cowboys, families, and legally-armed militia was an image that will remain in the American consciousness for generations to come. Of course the mainstream media has done their best to play down the importance and memory of it, and continue to skew and paint us as extremists and racists and in Harry Reid’s words, “domestic terrorists”. Numerous people have told me down here in Vegas that they honestly haven’t gone because they are “scared”, though they do support it. That is understandable, but is a key example of the problem I am addressing.

I wrote this while I was out there, sitting on a peaceful afternoon-
As I look out over the land- the sandy hills, the brush, the trees, the river, the cows grazing by the river bed, the mountains beyond the slope- I am grateful that I can sit here in such peace and feel so welcome by the patriotic rancher and his family. The Federal Government is trying to take this land and control it, and if they succeed, that peaceful feeling of freedom will also be taken away.

This showed that while I was feeling truly peaceful and happy in that place, I was worried that it would be gone, be decimated for the federal government’s (which I capitalized- sigh) greedy uses. I was fearful for the land and everyone there. I was also worried, as were many others, that it would be a trap, used to set up some massive gun grab, or incite chaos and violence all around and bring about Martial Law. Daily, people would speculate about what could happen, due to the intimidation and fear instilled by the BLM and other governmental figures, though fortunately there were voices to calm those in fear, to remind them that as long as they keep worrying like that, the government has won. Sounds a bit similar to what the “terrorists” want, doesn’t it?

What seemed most likely is that every tactic possible was being used to scare people away from the ranch.

Fear is an illusion. There is no reason to fall for this illusion because then it just strengthens their illusion that they want to enforce. There is no reason to feed into this illusion because it’s nothing, it’s just an illusion.

I was walking up to barriers downtown last Friday and cops told me I couldn’t walk through. On the other side were more people just walking down Fremont. I questioned them a bit, then just walked back and through this hotel, then out the other side, and there I was, right on the other side of the barriers, and I looked at the cops right as I recorded some of this narration of “illusion” into my phone. I then charged my phone in and thought, it’s similar, recharging a phone and recharging the illusion of fear. They come, they enforce their fear and remind everyone of their presence, and when people start getting desensitized, they leave, but leave that lingering memory of fear, and when they come to “shock and awe” again, they instill the fear again. Instead of falling into their frequency of fear, you can choose to just live on in happiness, and do your own thing. Personally, I do, more nowadays, while being as vigilant as possible, yet not living in fear. There is a happy balance. They’re just “doing their job”… but this of course does not give them the excuse to harm people, we have to hold them and their superiors all the way up to the top, accountable.

We’ve witnessed an extremely dramatic turning point in our country, whether the history books record it accurately or not. This is very hard for us to comprehend and fathom from our moment still quite contained in or just coming out of this situation. From now on, in similar events, we should look back to this event as the precedence setter for standing up for our fellow man and up against the violently monstrous state. The Government may be planning, and gives all indications that they will, to try making the precedent and ultimate outcome be in their favor, perhaps setting us and the Bundys as an example, to intimidate the country into fear, or push us into chaos, which has unfortunately happened in some regard, and that’s hwy we need to keep the awareness and support UP. They are good at planting seeds of chaos, and we can’t fall victim to that.

I typed up numerous day-by-day accounts of the happenings at Bundy Ranch including several dramatic encounters of my own, experienced alongside Matt Maldonado, my longtime photojournalist/videographer friend who was kind enough to give me rides there and experience this with me, and I will post a comprehensive account of the events as they occurred from our vantage points soon. I would have sooner but there was a trend of censorship that kept occurring involving any Bundy Ranch posts and I should have copied more of my write ups offline but I took some things for granted while so busy, and a week’s worth of updates and paragraphs disappeared without a trace. With this article I mainly want to get across the overall lesson I’ve come away with at this point a week or so after my last visit to the ranch, as things seemed to have tapered, though still as many people as possible are needed, and I wish way more were there. I am going back as soon as possible and feel bad for not going the past week even though I need to attend to my job and home matters. Aside from wanting to get the perspectives and updates from people who’ve been there all along, I want to continue to be there for them, as every dedicated supporter has done since this all started in whatever way they have been able to. What has taken place involving the tensions between militia groups and some Oath Keepers is very unfortunate and is exactly what the government wants and surely took part in provoking- divide and conquer, and fear in all its different forms- and I choose to think that the victory we witnessed and many took part in will be what this is remembered for, and will be the prevailing spirit in the ultimate outcome, and that the federal government’s usual M.O. Of infiltration and division will not prevail. The government, from attacking pregnant and cancer-stricken women to pointing sniper rifles at protesters and family members to Senator Harry Reid calling supporters “domestic terrorists”, have committed everything defined as terrorism. Fear is their weapon.



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