The Battle for Bundy Ranch – 4/10/14

STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES. Important arrest videos to come from the Overton standoff.

My first day joining the fight to protect the Bundy family ranch in Clark County, Nevada. First we went to the Riverside/Bunkerville main site and then numerous of us moved to the Overton area, where we were told the BLM/Feds would be rounding up the cattle. We couldn’t find them for a while, then realized they were using an access road to the Overton Marina of Lake Mead. After 3 of our guys crossed the gate to look for the roundup area (and spotted the convoy), just as me and my friend Matt decided to stay a bit back but not too far to get any action on camera (and we were advised to keep back), unmarked ranger SUVs sped up, and within less than a minute of the first SUV pulling up, as we ran toward the gate but not too close (so as to not appear threatening), with camera rolling (video very soon to come), two Federal Agents tackled the man standing just feet beyond the gate to the dirt. He did not resist, and while the pictures aren’t clear (we were at least a hundred feet away most of those moments), you can see him getting taken down. They were extremely aggressive and kept twisting his arms around and kneeling on hi into the rocky terrain. What followed was a “standoff” (us standing there until after they forced us to clear the way for them to drive off with the stolen cattle and horses- also uploading a video of that) and another patriot getting arrested, and more. Much much more to come. For some reason we didn’t see any news vehicles approaching this tense scene until after everyone dispersed.


Bundy Ranch Overton Standoff 4/10/14 – Just Before First Arrest

Bundy Ranch Overton Standoff 4/10/14 – First Arrest

Bundy Ranch – Overton Standoff Protest Arrests 4/10/14

The Battle for Bundy Ranch – Press Conference 4/10/14

BLM Feds stealing the Bundys’ cows (and horses?)

BLM driving off after the standoff, with two of our brethren as prisoners

First roadside stop before we got to the actual access road used

Partial Infowars interview

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