Vegas VICTORY!!! Anti-NDAA Resolution PASSES Clark County Commission (VIDEOS!)


by Jason Nellis

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013, was a momentous day not only for Las Vegas and Clark County, Nevada, but the entire liberty movement. After a long and rocky uphill battle, PANDA’s (People Against the NDAA) Anti-NDAA resolution (seen here) was passed unanimously by the six present County Commissioners (Tom Collins left and declined to vote- check out a montage of his lack of presence released 2 days before the meeting here- Where’s Tom?). First brought to Las Vegas City Council by Daphne Lee (now liberty-famous for her “I’m Just a Mom” speech) early this year and passed in March, it was avoided for months and months by the County Commission and tabled repeatedly when finally put onto the agenda, up until this pivotal climax and victory.

According to PANDA’s website: “This resolution condemns the detention provisions of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) as unConstitutional, and urges Nevada’s congressional delegation to take action to repeal those provisions.”
(Source: Clark County, Las Vegas, Voice Dissent on Indefinite Detention)

Certainly thanks to the pressure and consistent appearances and comments by local liberty activists at meeting after meeting, and being explained to time and time again how going against this resolution would be breaking their oath to the Constitution, the Commission stood with the citizens of Clark County and made us very proud. The year of hard work by P.A.N.D.A., Southern Nevada Watchdogs, and many other local activists finally paid off, and we got an early Christmas- Santa gave us a renewed Constitution!

Of course, we may never know how Tom Collins may have voted, but we may have an idea. Apparently, my “Where’s Tom?” video was sent to the commissioners and local news stations the day before the meeting. During the “More Cops Tax” public comments, Don Devine remarked, “I wish Commissioner Collins were here, I know this is one of his big issues, he’s in support of this” (referring to the More Cops Tax). About a minute later, Commissioner Collins emerged from the back room and gave a short explanation for the first time we’ve heard in the public. He told the room, “I’m not very healthy right now,” and “I might not stay much longer.” Surely enough, he soon left. Which has me and other activists wondering, if his health is getting in the way of his official duties (again, he wasn’t present for the NDAA vote), isn’t this a sign he should soon resign?

But as for the rest of the Commissioners, again, they chose liberty, and to stick to their oaths- and in this instance, they made us proud to have them as our representatives. This wave has been spreading around the country, and a similar resolution actually passed in Emmett, Idaho’s City Council on the same day. This day showed that you CAN make a difference by participating in the political process- going to your County Commission, City Council, State Legislature, talking to your representatives, and so on. Even writing your own resolution (after learning how to- you will find help if you seek it) from the grassroots level can lead to actual legislation, as this also proved. Let this be an example to all.

Video of the public comments and the vote (it happened after just about 5 speakers into the comments):

Individual speakers (in order of appearance):
Daphne Lee
Shirley Shelton
Jim Sallee
Wiselet Rouzard
Nick Lion
Robbie Andrew
Chris Cave
Faith Cave
Cindy Lake
Don Devine
Tom Jones
Tasha Heath
Jason Nellis
Mitra Akhavan
The Vote!

What is wrong with the 2012 NDAA (Sections 1021 and 1022)? Check out some info at these links:

Other articles on the victory:
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Clark County Nevada Passes Anti-NDAA Resolution



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