Las Vegas residents (16! Links to each speaker’s clip are below this description) speaking out against indefinite detention in the public comments portion of the Dec. 3, 2013 Clark County Commission Meeting.

The joint resolution declaring opposition to the 2012 NDAA Sections 1021 and 1022, brought to the Las Vegas City Council by P.A.N.D.A. Nevada chapter director Daphne Lee (the “I’m Just A Mom” wonderful woman who went viral!) and passed there, has been getting pushed and pushed meeting after meeting, and was supposed to be voted on in this meeting, but as seen at the beginning of this video, has once again been pushed to their next meeting, two weeks from this meeting- so on Dec. 17, 2013. Snow or shine, we will be there in force (I know I’ll be more prepared than I was in this video).

Speaker clips (in order of appearance):
Q. Rose
Adam Sanacore
Chris Harold
George Hicks
Daphne Lee–TgxETXv0
Shirley Shelton
Jason Nellis
Jason Weinman
John Ridgeway
Ryan Silver
Tasha Heath
Robbie Andrew
Cindy Lake
Steven Dempsey
Dirk Tejan

and Daphne Lee’s “I’m Just A Mom” speech from the prior meeting:

Most of those who spoke took part last year in voting for an anti-NDAA (sections 1021 and 1022) resolution at the Clark County Republican Central Committee, written by Dirk Tejan with Cindy Lake as chair of the CCRCC, which passed unanimously. One of the very rare times the entire local party agreed on something (as I reported in this article:

The PANDA (People Against the NDAA) Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to nonviolently defeat, strike down, repeal, stop, void and fight the indefinite detention provisions, Sections 1021 and 1022, of the National Defense Authorization Act for the Fiscal Year of 2012, to fight for American civil liberties, to combat laws restricting liberty in the interest of National Security, to support current government officials that are doing so and to engage a younger generation in the politics of the United States so this cannot happen again.

For more info and to contact the County voicing your support:
PANDA resolution page:
Southern Nevada Watchdogs resolution page:


Las Vegas activists speak against NDAA at County Commission 12/3/13 (VIDEOS)

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