Why You Need To Re-Elect Cindy Lake And Go To The Next Two CCRCC Meetings

Cindy Lake, CCRP Chair

Cindy Lake, CCRP Chair

Note: This is an independent endorsement and not approved by or paid for by anyone, and are solely the opinions of the writer, Jason Nellis.

Liberty Patriots, whether you’ve remained with the CCRP or left the GOP entirely out of disillusionment and frustration- in order to keep the progress we’ve made so far this past year in the Clark County Republican Party moving forward and continue to be the place the nation looks to as a shining example as a local grassroots liberty revolution, WE MUST GO TO THE NEXT TWO CCRCC MEETINGS, WEDNESDAY MAY 15TH AND WEDNESDAY JULY 17TH, and re-elect Chairwoman Cindy Lake and vote for NRCC officers in May and the Clark County officers in July. (Cindy’s election is in July but you *must* attend the May 15th meeting in order to be counted as a voting member in July. Even if you have not ever been to a CCRCC meeting or haven’t for months, come to the May meeting and register and you will then be able to vote in the July meeting.) And at the end of this post you will find a new letter from Ron Paul wholeheartedly endorsing Cindy Lake.

Before I get into Cindy Lake’s successes in leading the Clark County Republican Party forward and her background in the Liberty Movement, here’s a little info on her opponent David McKeon, who after a little research is clearly a RINO politician sent in by the Neocons to stop the Liberty momentum in its tracks and take down one of the primary beacons of hope for the new Republican resurgence. The establishment clearly sees the direction the Clark County Republican Party has gone and the current chair Cindy Lake as a major threat to the status quo and old guard establishment (who will obviously not move the party forward and will continue repeating the same mistakes of the past consecutive elections). She is a true patriot in every sense of the word and will not give up fighting for liberty and the Constitution. I’ll get to more of that after a little background of why David McKeon would be a disastrous choice to lead the CCRP and undo all the progress we’ve made.

David McKeon, already president of two Shell corporations, received over $50,000 of his scandal-ridden father Buck McKeon’s campaign web services payments from 2009-2011.
Buck McKeon For Congress Website– It’s a Web Of Family Payments
Also, he receives millions of dollars in campaign contributions from defense industry contractors, and according to Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), “McKeon votes 100% with defense industry donors”. How Does Buck McKeon Make His Money?

Buck McKeon is known for major corruption scandals, including his role in a Countrywide Mortgage scandal in which he had a lobbyist bribe CEO Angelo Mozilo to get him a great deal on his home mortgage, in the “Friends of Angelo” scandal. He also has used hundreds of thousands of dollars of campaign money for his gambling addiction, which has ended up going mainly to Sheldon Adelson. Buck McKeon and His Countrywide Bribe Exposed

Buck McKeon Says He’s Not As Corrupt As Everyone Asserts He Is– Let’s Look Into His Specious Claim

And worst of all against the cause of liberty, father Buck wrote the unconstitutional indefinite detention sections 1021 and 1022 of the 2012 NDAA. He serves as Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, yet has never even served in the military.

Now let’s get to the good stuff- the reasons to re-elect Cindy Lake as CCRP Chair.

We’ve come a long, long, long way since the Ron Paul Revolution began in about 2007. In 2008, at the Nevada State Republican Convention, the country saw both how huge of a presence Ron Paul supporters had in Nevada, and how low the establishment would go when faced with the threat of a grassroots movement defeating the status quo. When it was clear that delegates for Ron Paul outnumbered all other candidates’ delegates (Cindy Lake was a Ron Paul state delegate then as well as in 2012), including John McCain’s, who won the state’s caucuses that year, the old Nevada Republican Party leaders ended the convention calling for an indefinite recess, throwing the convention into chaos and abandoning it and thus illegally ending it completely. A full close-up account: What Really Happened at the Nevada GOP Convention…

The “old guard” establishment is now more threatened and desperate than ever, as evident by the words of McCain himself in response to major paradigm shifting moves, notably Rand Paul’s anti-drone filibuster and the rise of other Liberty patriots such as Ted Cruz, which happened primarily thanks to the rise of the Liberty Movement. The direction of the party is changing toward a much more Libertarian/Constitutional direction, which was how it was meant to be in the first place, before the Neoconservatives took it down the path of big government, wasteful spending, warmongering leftist tyranny. Neocons are no different from Neolibs and David McKeon is their latest agent to try to regain their foothold on our country. This should make it all the more obvious that Neocons and the old guard see the direction Clark County has taken as a threat and are trying to block us at all costs. Surmounting their obstacles, this election being one of the biggest yet, is integral to the forward direction of Liberty in the national Republican Party. We have done it time and time before and we will do it again.

Cindy was elected CCRP Secretary in July 2011 and in both 2008 and 2012 she volunteered for the Ron Paul campaign and ran the RonPaul2012 Meetup group. Whenever I volunteered at the campaign headquarters she was there hour after hour and day, giving her all to mobilize voters and recruiting delegates, along with her 8 year old son Chrissy (clearly a future Liberty-minded patriot who already schools people on everything from the school system to the political process). At the 2012 Clark County Convention, following the caucuses, we had a major local victory when Ron Paul supporters swept 10 of 12 E-Board positions. Shortly after that, the then-Chairman Dave Gibbs and Vice Chair Woody Stroupe, and others resigned and stormed off to create Team Nevada, a “shadow party” which very un-shadowly funneled Republican Party money to the Romney campaign, while Ron Paul was still very much in the game. Ron Paul’s convention winning streak had barely even begun. Cindy Lake then became the acting Chair of the CCRP.
Ron Paul Backers Seek Genuine Conservatives: Las Vegas Review-Journal

Since then, the Clark County Republican Central Committee led by Cindy Lake has passed numerous resolutions that have propelled and represented the principles of liberty and grabbed the attention of the nation who have been looking to us as a guiding light and test tube of the Liberty Movement at a major County level, Clark County being one of the most populous counties in the nation and most pro-liberty. Revolutionary resolutions have been passed, sending powerful messages to the powers that be, such as the Anti-NDAA resolution, the anti-Agenda 21 resolution, and has gone to city council meetings speaking against drones and against the NDAA, and much more. She has also helped recruit people to join the party and has been chair during one of the largest influxes of members that the CCRP has seen. And of course, the status-quo Rinos couldn’t stand evolving toward a more authentically conservative party of liberty (and certainly followed barking orders) and did all they could to throw Cindy and the liberty-minded leadership off track, such as when they filibustered a vote condemning the 2012 RNC vote fraud.

Now as she faces re-election, we need everyone who has invested any time or care in liberty to SHOW UP MAY 15TH AND JULY 17TH at the Silverton Veil Pavillion for the CCRCC meetings to elect and re-elect liberty officers including Cindy Lake as Clark County Republican Party Chairwoman. The Neocons and establishment-defending Rinos have come out in full force to recruit people to defeat Cindy, and we must not let this happen, or else we take a MAJOR fall back in the cause of fighting for liberty. We’ve made so much progress, we can’t just hand it over to those who have been destroying our country and been the reason we put ourselves into the fight in the first place. This is not about personality, this is about our movement, and we need to keep and put Liberty-minded Republicans in office to carry our message to the next levels. Cindy Lake has been a great local leader and national representative for Liberty. Her opponent knows nothing of liberty and him winning is out of the question.

Now for the letter from Dr. Ron Paul:

April 26, 2013

Dear Clark County Liberty Activist,

The journey you and I began so many years ago continues. In fact, there are some very important events for the future of the Liberty Movement in Nevada happening over the next several weeks I need to bring to your attention.

Of course, I know there’s many in the establishment both in Nevada and around the country who are hoping you won’t read this letter !

But please remember, just a short time ago, it would have been unheard of for our Liberty Movement to be leading not only a county, but an entire state.

This wasn’t accomplished overnight.

It was the culmination of years of hard work and dedication to continuing to show up in the face of all the opposition – who wished good folks like you would just go home and stay there.

Today, Nevada is a leading voice for Liberty. When the Liberty Republicans took over the Clark County GOP in 2012:

They stood strong against indefinite detention of American citizens under the NDAA;

They stood strong against the radical environmentalism and globalization under the United Nations’ Agenda 21;

They stood strong against Second Amendment infringements;

And at their most recent central committee meeting, they passed a Resolution in support of my son’s filibuster against drone attacks against American citizens on U.S. soil.

But now there are those who want to undo all that our Liberty Movement has accomplished in Nevada.

So you and I must continue to participate within the Party and have our voices heard!

Important officer elections in both May and July are coming up, and I’m counting on you to participate in both.

The first will occur on Wednesday, May 15, at the Silverton Hotel and Casino in the Veil Pavilion from 6:00 PM-9:00 PM. This will be where the Clark County Republican Party will elect representatives to the Nevada State Central Committee;

The second will occur on Wednesday, July 17, at the same location and time, and it’s where Clark County officer elections will take place.
Clark County GOP rules state that in order to vote, you must have attended one previous Republican meeting.

So if you’re currently an active member of the central committee and attended the last meeting in March, then you will be able to vote in both May and July.

But even if you haven’t attended one previous meeting already, it’s still important you attend the May 15 meeting so you’ll be able to vote at the July 17 meeting.

I’m counting on as many people as possible to attend!

There are many liberty candidates running, and I hope I can count on you to support them all. But it’s especially important you support my friend Cindy Lake, who is running for chairman.

Thank you so much for your efforts. Let’s make sure to continue our R3VOLUTION in Nevada!

Please contact Cindy Lake or Carl Bunce with any questions you may have.

For Liberty,

Dr. Ron Paul


One thought on “Why You Need To Re-Elect Cindy Lake And Go To The Next Two CCRCC Meetings

  1. I am the Vice-Chair of the Nevada Independent American Party, both for the state and for Clark county. I urge all conservative republicans to support Cindy Lake’s re-election as Chair of the Clark county Republican Central Committee. I have been working with Cindy since her election and find her to be honest, hard-working, and truly committed to limited government at all government levels. While the IAP may never actually elect candidates, we are just as committed to small government. The IAP over the past few election cycles has been targeting RINOs and running candidates in these races, effectively denying those seats to big government republicans. We have also withheld running IAP candidates in districts where the republican candidate is a true conservative. This strategy has worked to elect wonderful candidates like Wes Duncan in AD37. I promise you that if neo-cons take over the CCRCC, that the IAP will run candidates against any neo-con candidate and deny to him the election. This is the only way that Republicans will ever learn that limited government is the only option. The IAP welcomes the opportunity to work with republicans to elect small government candidates. The IAP will fight to keep big government candidates from either party from taking office. Save the Republican Party in Clark County from neo-cons. Re-elect Cindy Lake as CCRCC Chair.

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