America Loves Martial Law?

Two weeks ago today, we saw the end of what America could’ve been and what America will become if we don’t stop this…

gunnertank obamanoweaponsgirlspov

Everything I’m saying here is not challenging the official story of the actual bombings, even though so many of the circumstances and stories we have been told are highly suspicious and conflicting. That is a huge story that I frankly feel I have not researched enough, and I feel it is way too complex for anyone to have figured out at this point without clear evidence, including definitely for “authorities” to know before they even captured Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. This is about the response; the manhunt for the person believed/reported by the FBI to be one of the two (the older being killed early on in the hunt) brothers responsible for the bombings which killed 3.

As much as I am for peace and calm and harmony, and I really am a very easy-going guy, we need to be mad as hell about this. We got a taste of this in California during the Christopher Dorner manhunt just a couple months ago, and now the East Coast has gotten its much more intense taste of Martial Law. Those who don’t get mad end up like everyone who complied and willingly surrendered their rights, being forced out of their homes with their hands on their heads and along with their children and elderly, being told to run away from their homes while the militarized police troops raided their property. we should NOT live in fear, but we MUST keep the Government in check.


In news reports they claimed the police were PROTECTING the residents. From what? From a 19 year old boy who was found WITHOUT A WEAPON, hiding in a boat in a backyard by a RESIDENT, NOT A COP, just after authorities lifted the lockdown. So if it were not for the lockdown, the kid could’ve been found earlier, by that same resident.babyinarms

Aside from that, innocent residents were not only terrified by the militaristic takeover of their streets from behind their windows, but removed from their “lockdown” and put out in the terrifying streets so the cops could have their way with their homes.

And the people cheered??? They thought the police “did the right thing” and “protected” them? Well, that was obviously their excuse, and as one woman said, some cops apologized.  This is the “friendly” face many (or just some, perhaps) officers will use and feel morally justified with so that they can convince themselves and the already-conditioned general populace that they’re not hostile invaders. But everything about their actions says they are, and they wants to make us think we have no choice but to comply with THE LAW ENFORCEMENT. Another man in the video describe how the cops yell “get out” and he tries asking if he should take anything or what (CHECK), and they just yelled more “just get out!” But everyone interviewed described it as terrifying in one way or another. The word “terrifying” has been used many times to describe the situation that day, not because of any encounter with the 19-year-old *suspected* “terrorist” or his alleged weapons, but because of the aggressive MARTIAL LAW troops and tanks TERRORIZING their entire neighborhoods, their entire towns.

stockholmThe Fourth Amendment is NOT something that any “progressives” can claim is an outdated part of the Constitution that must change with the times. We’ve always had threats to our safety, and the quote that repeatedly comes to mind is Benjamin Franklin’s famous (perhaps made more famous in the aftermath of the Boston lockdown.) “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety,” which is perpetually true. I do sometimes feel those who surrender their freedoms out of fear are just asking for it, but really, we all deserve freedom. We fought for independence from the British and won so that our country would be the land of the free. So all our citizens must be granted this right, and not subject to a military/police occupation of their town, street, or residence.

We are supposedly more evolved and free than third world countries that are oppressed by military dictatorships. How long until we become just like third world military dictatorships? One teenage kid who was SUSPECTED of a bombing is on the loose and an entire city is shut down and terrorized by the militarized police… and then somehow many of those residents are convinced that it was all heroic action taken by the police and that “this is their f***in’ city”. When Ron Paul reacted in a very concerned way about the response of Martial Law (“Liberty Was Also Attacked in Boston“), the floodgates of hate opened and there were ignorantly defensive responses like, well, “Ron Paul, Boston Is our ****ing City” which basically took his criticisms of the militaristic response and warnings to people about these horrible violations of the Constitution and our obvious rights as an attack on all those in the city… I don’t get the math at all. And Yahoo’s “Ron Paul slams Boston police. Has he gone too far?

And perhaps worst of all, but unsurprisingly, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell calls Ron Paul a vile, paranoid liar amongst other vile, disgusting hateful outright LIES in this hit piece that is also torn apart (in this edited video, clearly showing that everything O’Donnell says is a lie- is in fact a far worse lie by him because he is completely covering up the reality which should be obvious to most with very simple brief research) The trash speaks for itself:
MSNBC: “Ron Paul is a Paranoid Liar: No Guns Pointed at Families, No Tanks, No Forced Lockdown!”


So what have we come to as a nation when a city is shut down by Martial Law and the citizens then cheer on the cops for their “victory” in arresting a suspect they shot at hundreds of times, after a resident discovered the suspect, and then when patriots call it as they see it, they are seen as going too far or enemies of the city or paranoid liars? What happens when a more impactful bomb goes off, what about a nuke, or a dirty bomb? Will states get shut down? Or God forbid, what if it’s THREE nineteen year olds all scattered throughout the country who killed SIX people? Complete National Martial Law? This seemed to be a live test ground, so it wouldn’t be a surprise.

Fortunately increasing numbers of people are seeing this for what it is and calling out the at the very least highly overreactive response of the police and federal government, and taking a stand against what America is not supposed to ever tolerate on our shores. If this ever happens again, which it likely will, those being terrorized by the militarized police or military must take a stand and NOT allow this anti-American and inhuman behavior on their streets.

Gerald Celente – Trends in the News – “A State of Siege!” – (4/22/13)

Boston Marathon – Blueprint for Martial Law

Martial Law footage (garage, street)


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