The Evolution of Our Revolution


The last few years I’ve developed a habit of holding my breath and taking in the scenery underwater in my pool for a relatively long amount of time, where there is an enjoyable infinite peace, up until my adaptation hits its wall. This is where I got the inspiration to write this piece. Now before you connect the title and my underwater story and what I’m about to say, this is not about pushing science (evolution) or religion (creation) or any of those arguments, but about propelling human consciousness and society forward, primarily in the context of recent activist movements.

Of course, as my oxygen ran low and I started to see spots, my body’s instincts were to rise to the surface and get some air. If I were a fish, I wouldn’t get that urge. They are perfectly content and adapted for life in their underwater world, and who knows how exactly they perceive the outside world (aside from what has been learned about them through science). While I was down there, I couldn’t really make out anything above. It was just some blurry misshapen wavy atmosphere, like a closer “sky” with more going on. That sky, everything above the surface of the water, was the only choice of where to go if I were to survive. I needed to break the surface into that world above; the water world is not for me.

What do the fish think of that “sky”? This may sound like the most elementary of elementary school questions, but I believe it is the nature of all species to grow, to break through our barriers, aspire for the next level, to move on to a wider, vaster, brighter territory beyond what we can see, a new paradigm. The greater the resistance to our bursting past that threshold, the more compelled we are to push forward and emerge from the water, the sludge, and experience whatever this vast world consists of. It may be the scariest thought we could imagine, and most may want to stay in the comfortable warm water where we know how to “breathe”, but the more glimpses we get of this outside world, the more people will push to be among the first to emerge and co-create this new environment. And overall our understanding of what life is still seems pretty elementary.

But we’re clearly getting plenty of great sounding and seriously true-feeling ideas and the technology and know-how for the first time in our civilization’s recorded history to get as close to what the “truth” is as imaginably possible. We and our world that we have created are evolving and there is no denying that. Whether it is just the perception of some or a happenstance wider availability of information (an internet that was just a random invention), breakthroughs and creations have occurred in frequency exponentially higher through the centuries, and decades, and months.

A revolution in one country spreads to seven in one day, spreads to another continent in two days, across the world in one week. An iPad comes out with cat ID scanner technology, an Android tablet detects your cats when they are anywhere within 100 feet. We help overthrow a dictator somewhere, we bring back another Saddam to be their new ruler in two hours. Michelle Bachmann is the front runner one month, Rick Perry is the next month, Herman Cain the next, then Gingrinch, then Trump, then Bush, then Palin, however the order was, the time on top has gotten shorter, the frequency has risen. Though when people say frequency is rising, most don’t think of that simply being revolving door Republican races.

In all kinds of ways, we are evolving, and those of us who’ve considered what we’re taking part in to be a “revolution”, in the many different manifestations there lately seem to be, most likely are seeing this as a painful struggle within their movement. There is the not-so-clean Arab Spring which is at controversial stages now, Occupy which went every which way due to lots of politicking or co-opting or was a scam to start out with or whatever the person next to you may say, the Tea Party which got co-opted and taken away on the Palin train, the Ron Paul Revolution… which I feel too closely to for any one-liner brandings… undoubtedly genuine at its core. All have had a melting pot of revolutionaries, of people from all backgrounds and thoughts, and cannot have clean uniform universal agreement on every facet and tactic and path- but all have a direction, and those that focus on the ultimate goal, can survive the excruciating growing pains.

Salamanders emerged from the water, adapting by developing limbs to walk on land and lungs to breathe the air. Cavemen discovered fire which led to huge advances over time, and use of different objects such as weapons, such as stones, were a huge step in evolution. According to some studies, some primitive species including apes tried certain mushrooms and this may have actually advanced their evolution. “Psilocybin may have synergized the emergence of higher forms of psychic organization out of primitive protohuman animals. It can be seen as a kind of evolutionary enzyme, or evolutionary catalyst, says Terence McKenna, ethnobotanist. “It is as though it is an enzyme which stimulates eyesight, sexual interest, and imagination. And the three of these going together produce language-using primates (“Stoned Ape theory”). An “extra gene” suddenly appeared in our ancestors 3.5 million years ago, then 2.5 million years ago, that dramatically increased our cognitive abilities. “Interestingly, the novel gene appears to have arisen just as the fossil record shows a transition from human’s extinct Australopithecus ancestors to the genus Homo (as in Homo sapiens), which led to modern humans. That’s also when the brains of our ancestors began to expand and when dramatic changes in cognitive abilities are likely to have emerged.” (Extra gene drove instant leap in human brain evolution) Also, about 2.5 million years ago is when the oldest known tools began to be used, around Ethiopia, but it is hard to tell when for sure the first ones were created. Around 50,000 years ago was the “Great Leap Forward”, the transition to behavioral modernity. Of course, some of this is debatable.

The forms of evolution we’ve seen in society since the dawn of our earliest civilizations, around 10,000 years ago, during the Agricultural Revolution, has seemed to be very slow and gradual, and has often been nearly “reset”. Many civilizations have risen and fallen, and this history has repeated itself time and time again, and again, and again. Egypt, Rome, the Mayans, Mesopotamia, the Ottoman Empire, Greece, the Soviet Union, and now we seem to be facing a possible fall of the United States, if we don’t figure out how to fix things, quick. And there are the civilizations that some say are myth, and others say are true, some of which have actually been partially discovered underwater; Atlantis, Lemuria/Mu, mysterious pyramids recently found off the coast of Japan and South America, and more around the world. Some of these apparently just “disappeared” without a trace, but that’s a discussion for another place.

We clearly need to take real preventative action if we don’t want our civilization to follow suite and completely collapse within our lifetimes or even within the next few years. As Ron Paul said in his farewell speech to congress, “Without an intellectual awakening, the turning point will be driven by economic law. A dollar crisis will bring the current out-of-control system to its knees.” It may be inevitable eventually, but we’re a relatively young nation, and it’d be nice to stretch this “American Dream” out and enter a new golden era for our nation. We shouldn’t give up hope on this grand experiment that was seeming to turn out to be a success for quite some time and a long time to come.

A group of revolutionaries oppressed by British Royal rule got sick of it and saw opportunity in America. They successfully broke away from England and created what became the “promised land”, land of the free, granted by the Constitution, and eventually the world’s biggest superpower. In the 1960s, a huge portion of an entire generation tried LSD and marijuana and mushrooms, and they believed they glimpsed a whole new world, more than our day-to-day media-guided existence. They revolted, in their own rebellious revolutionary rock and flower-power peaceful folk song ways, and created a new paradigm that was a whole lot more liberal than the past, and a huge antiwar movement that played a major part in ending the Vietnam war. It was as spiritual as it was political, far from the rigid religious spirituality of their parents, setting the foundations of the “new age” movement and other outside-the-box spiritual movements to come.

Out of this generation and their offspring came more paradigm-bursting revolutionary ideas that propelled us further and further, such as the Internet. Also, increasingly over the decades and with a sudden explosion around 2011, the Middle East and much of Europe underwent revolutions, and we’ve seen honest attempts lately here (and some dishonest and co-opted attempts). I’m going to go over my experience and perspective of these recent movements, and my take on the larger scale of where this is all taking us.

In 2004-05 I started to wake up from the left-right paradigm upon learning of many matters which I had previously been blinded from. I ran across numerous websites and like-minded people online “waking up” but no one I personally knew. The influence of the mainstream media was alive and well, and although dissent was spreading rapidly, the media managed it very well and the Democrats took credit for being the anti-establishment/anti-war party. However distrust of both the government and the media had been growing, and independents were gaining steam. Throughout Bush’s first term, I generally sided with Democrats/liberals, then much less so in his second term after realizing the connections and similarities between he and Kerry (and Kerry seeming like a weak puppet posed to take the fall against Bush) and “waking up” to what I thought was either a vast conspiracy or at least a very special interest-catering sham of a corporatocracy. I came across some people who were going through a similar experience.

By 2007, when Bush had fallen completely out of favor and the candidates to replace him started flooding onto the stage, droves of Americans had become completely disillusioned and the next president seemed up in the air, if the country didn’t collapse by the next election. But there still wasn’t a huge sweeping destruction of the national morale to really send all ends of the spectrum into revolt. The Democrats had the major advantage with the war-weary country and radicalness of the then-current Republican administration that even started to push many Republicans away. It was looking like the largest-ever chunk of voters were tired of both sides, and many would likely vote Independent or more likely, not vote at all.

However, perhaps the most powerful independent voice seemed to come from a Republican. It was no secret that Ron Paul was Libertarian at heart, and had already run for President as Libertarian in 1988. Shortly after his candidacy was announced, I began to hear more and more of him online, as many other “awakened” people also had. In late 2007, his following was gaining huge momentum, even if just in the single digits of percentages. His grassroots support was the most firey seen in decades, and rivaled that of the other youth favorite, Barack Obama. I got to witness for myself the passion of his rallies and his speaking at UNLV in November 2007 (view the speech here), and it was amazing.

I was fully on board, except I wasn’t quite ready to become a Republican. I was also no longer admitting to being a Democrat, but not bothering with changing my registration yet. I wanted to take part, and although there was no campaign office, there was a meetup group. I went to a few events like a sign bomb and a Ron Paul Revolution limo ride down the strip, but still did not feel on board with the Republican party. I got the word out about Ron Paul, and after McCain became the Republican candidate, and I saw through Obama’s empty catch-words and promises, I voted for Ralph Nader. At the time I wasn’t so sure that environmentalist propaganda was all that bad, and he had some good stances such as pro-civil liberties and anti-war that I found to be much better than the two major parties.

Obama’s message of “hope” and “change”, with his great oratory skills and obvious historical underpinnings, had swept the nation. He represented hope and promised a dramatic change from the horrible direction the government had taken us. He gave speeches “channeling” Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, and John F. Kennedy and he even got compared to them. For a while, he seemed to the mainstream like the anti-establishment underdog, as the media seemed to push Hillary Clinton as the inevitable winner, continuing the Bush-Clinton legacy. So his “grassroots” campaign soared, into the levels of corporate and bank funding, and soon he was propelled into frontrunner status, and the establishment was fully behind him. But he kept the populace’s faith by promising an end to bailouts, an end to the ongoing wars in the Middle East, restoring our civil liberties and privacy taken away by the PATRIOT Act and other egregious policies, and more positive change. He was basically seen as the people’s President by his supporters, and was held up to near-savior status, without even setting a clear plan (aside from the controversial Obamacare which was still pretty vague and rosy). He hardly even had a voting record for more than a few years.

Well you know the rest- he won, people put all their hope in him, and what did he deliver? He bailed out the banks more than Bush did, amped up the use of drones to many times more than Bush used them, sent 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan (doubling previous amount), started a new war in Libya and is now likely about to send our troops into Syria, took more of our rights away and made dissent more punishable than ever with the NDAA and other acts such as HR-347 (the protest criminalization/”Trespassing Bill”), and has blamed most of it on Congress (which yes, has done a very poor job as well). (Obama Fact Sheet)

By 2010, the Tea Party movement, coined by Ron Paul supporters in 07-08, and then hijacked by Fox’s favorites Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck and the like, had made a significant impact on the makeup of the Senate. Wins in numerous states, following very large protests and lots of media attention, showed that there was a huge resistance within the Republican party against establishment Republicans in addition to Democrats. Unfortunately, as seen clearly by most Ron Paul Supporters, who wouldn’t forget that he was the “father of the Tea Party movement”, this was just a co-opting and a new way to bring the grassroots organizations into the establishment and appear to be something organic. Not much different from how Obama’s support surged so immensely, and also in ways like the yet-to-come Occupy movement.

In 2011, following the Arab Spring in the Middle East, the revolutions that spread like wildfires from country to country- Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Tunisia, etcetera, the largest protest movement to hit America since the 1960s arrived- “Occupy”. Starting with Occupy Wall Street on September 17, 2011, the anti-bailout/anti-corporatocracy/anti-greed and political power of the “1%”, led by the chants “We are the 99%”, it represented the lower and middle classes standing up against the highest of the upper class elites, and claimed to be beyond party lines and without any leader, ever. This started with no attention from the media but gained some over the first week, as it became a massive presence in the streets of New York, centralized around Wall Street at Zucotti Park. It gained attention over the first few weeks and the protests were peaceful and seemed successful overall. However, what seemed like an inevitable flashpoint with growing protest movements like these happened on October 1st, when over 700 protestors were arrested after reportedly being led onto the Brooklyn bridge by police, who then closed them in and started arresting.

Occupy then became America’s own wildfire of protests, spreading to cities around the country, and took the media by storm. I took part in Las Vegas’s own first solidarity protest on November 6th, in which over 1000 protestors marched up and down the strip, and there was much cooperation with the police. It was an amazing feeling as it was the biggest attention grabber that day for all the tourists we passed, which were in the thousands. Other protests around the country, especially on the west coast, grabbed national attention when pivotal events occurred, mainly caused by the police, such as the October 25th Oakland protest in which protestors were attacked by tear gas and flash grenades and an Iraq war veteran was struck in the head by a tear gas canister and severely injured. There were several other violent and controversial events in cities such as Portland and Denver, and solidarity protests continued keeping the movement strong while the media often portrayed the movement as over.
Meanwhile the most conflict to occur in Vegas happened on the “N17 Day of Action”, the two-month anniversary, in which about 20 were arrested for sitting in the street. I was there that day and most were released within hours. Over the course of those few months, I went to several protests and meetings, and was interested in how we would move forward. There was promise, but politics was clearly in play, and power struggles threw the direction of the group in different directions, and “OLV” even splintered off into different opposing groups.

As a Ron Paul supporter long before Occupy came into being, I felt like a very small minority, and was not happy with the way they handled more outspoken Ron Paul supporters, such as a “Truther” who was holding up signs about 9-11 and Zionism at all the protests, who was told to leave several times. Since at the core of the movement was that there would be no single leader, I could understand that they didn’t want people singling one or a few protestors with Ron Paul signs out and saying “he must be their leader”. And it was clear that many within the Occupy Movement did not agree with all of Paul’s principles, or did not think they did. It was clear that the movement was largely made up of liberals, therefore mostly Democrats, though also many Independents and non-partisans. It became clear to me there was a divide between the Ron Paul movement, which was regaining steam after he declared his candidacy in 2011, and the Occupy movement, and I supported both. I posted news and articles on and from both sources throughout that Fall. I felt like I was seeing two lovers at once, and wished they could just get along and we could all be one happy family, but people still have a hard time accepting polygamy.

Many started to believe it was all a plan by Democrats (largely Union groups, supposedly) to steer all the passionate dissent against the government toward favor of Obama, and I was suspicious of this or at least could see Obama trying to win them over by making statements of support for “the ninety-nine percent”. This seemed to be the case in Las Vegas. I, and I know many other Occupy protestors, would not fall for Obama’s empty sentiments. I called a few people out on endorsing Obama and calling on other “ninety-nine percenters” to do the same, because of the no-leader principle and their adamant refusal of letting Ron Paul represent us. They of course denied they were endorsing anybody, though over time it became undeniable.

As I saw Occupy Las Vegas seem to fall apart or simply fade away (though I did continue to respect the people who really did try to keep it together, and handled events with very good planning overall, including someone who was a very significant part of “Anonymous”), I stepped back and put both my feet into the Ron Paul movement, and like what felt like a confirmation that I was taking the right direction, I became one of the first interns for the 2012 Ron Paul Presidential Campaign in the new Las Vegas campaign headquarters, just before the momentous year of 2012 began. This time, I was registered Republican (since 2010, when a very politically active friend asked if I was going to support Ron Paul, and reminded me I’d need to be registered Republican to vote for him in the 2012 caucus), and ready to do whatever it took to try to push the revolution forward.

The Ron Paul Revolution may have been the strongest, at least in its “Ron Paul era”, during the Spring of 2012, in the prime of the caucus and primary season as well as the start of the state conventions. He did strong in caucus states, and won vast majorities of delegates at numerous state conventions including Nevada (which became one of the most notorious “Ron Paul states”, if not the flagship), and swept some states’ delegations. The establishment and Romney delegates played every dirty trick in the book from the fake slates I witnessed at the Nevada convention to shutting down the convention and arresting a legally elected chairman in Oklahoma, to switching delegates from Ron Paul supporters to Romney supporters in Arizona, to disenfranchising Massachusetts and Maine supporters, to convincing evidence of vote flipping in many states, and much more. This sometimes demotivated but mostly motivated and fired up the liberty lovers. Many were elected to offices including Nevada, in which we took over the Clark County GOP E-Board, then the top positions of the County GOP, then several of the top Nevada seats, and became 22 of the 25 national delegates.

Of course, the establishment media and pundits focused on the “falling apart” of the Nevada and Clark County Republican parties, usually blaming it on the “Paulites”, but this was actually due to the Romney side of the party splintering off into a shadow party, finding a loophole through the legal system, sick of the Paul side duly winning victory after victory in the state. And this is what happens in a revolution. The status quo throws a fit and does all it can to hold onto its power, while the rising movement pushes full steam ahead. And since Romney lost the election, the establishment, all around the country as well as in Nevada, is finally appearing to realize they need to catch up with us if they want the party to become relevant again.

How they catch up or evolve is actually by returning to the founding principles. Where we have gone since then has been a devolution into an authoritarian mindset of governance, combined with an increasingly complacent and lazy populace, pushed in that direction by the “we know what’s best for you” nanny state. The mindset when our country was founded in terms of Constitutional principles was certainly a landmark in our evolution, while of course there were other beliefs at the time that were not as evolved as we are today, such as probably the most common criticism, slavery.

Now we find ourselves at a moment in history in which civil rights are nearly equal for all, but of course we still have obstacles and prejudices. We’ve certainly come a long way from slavery and have our first black president, regardless of our opinions of the job he’s doing, or opinions of racism in this country, a whole other unfortunate story I’m not getting into.

Science has come to this point of nearly discovering our “source”, in terms of dark matter, the Higgs-Boson, quantum physics, etc., which I try to follow but can’t talk very knowledgeably on. But it’s clear that discoveries are making exponential leaps and bounds and physicists are pretty sure, from what I can comprehend, that there are multiple/alternate universes or dimensions, something that was just stuff of science fiction a couple decades ago. It is getting as close to spirituality as we’ve ever seen. We have a shuttle that’s reached the outer sphere of our solar system.

The internet has connected the world at instantaneous speeds and protests can be coordinated around the world at the same time, launching a revolution via Twitter or Facebook. Families can communicate across oceans and speak to each other face to face in real time. The internet advertises items to us that we bought earlier that day at an actual mall. You can type in someone’s address in Sri Lanka on Google Earth and see them laying at their pool. Some advances in technology may be more beneficial than others, and we need to keep that in mind and utilize technology for the best purposes possible. We can hate it because of spying, fear of robots taking over, or getting chipped… but we can also use it to help us be interconnected and at optimal “function” beyond what we ever imagined.

All of these evolutionary advances and factors combined with this growing mass of people who believe in returning to that revolutionary state of mind, based on liberty for all and the golden rule, seems to be the perfect equation for an evolutionary leap to occur at this moment in time. At the same time, all these suppressive devolutionary attempts such as the two-party divide, keeping us in fear, war, empire, mind-suppressing psychiatric drugs, glorification of pop culture and complacency, genetically modified foods, heavily propagandistic media, and all other forms of control, need to be confronted and left behind as memories from our previous phase. They are all forms of the same obstacle, the same veil that is struggling to keep us from breaking through and seeing what we are truly capable of. We are on the brink of breakthroughs of every arena, and the political arena seems to be putting up the most fight.

Getting back to this political game, the route I am currently putting the most effort into- slipping into the system and trying to be a part of the revolution from within- may seem like an impossible fruitless endeavor. However, I have my faith for now that learning the rules of the system and getting legislation changed incrementally and from the bottom up is the most realistic way to go about bringing the change we need. Politics is not a game I admire, except when it comes to honest principled people really trying to make a true change, and using their skill and intellect to bring that about, and not for self-serving reasons such as power and greed.
Unfortunately that is what most politicians seem to be after, and that is why so many supporters of the liberty movement had such an averse reaction to when Rand Paul endorsed Mitt Romney, amongst a couple other moves made in the campaign that seemed to go against our goals. And as purist as I’ve been, I’ve increasingly seen and come to terms with how these moves are necessary for our movement to have a real chance to become a political force that could reach critical mass and change the course of our country.

The harsh reality of politics amongst our own movement set in over the summer of 2012, amidst all our celebration of convention wins, and anger over the strong-arming by Mitt Romney’s establishment goons, when Rand Paul’s endorsement of Mitt Romney threw the campaign into near chaos. A huge amount of supporters jumped off the fast-moving train as the morale took a major blow. This may have been inevitable with the increasing tension and apparent media “victories” to hush our campaign in the public eye as we got closer to the election. However, this incident showed how passionate and principled the supporters are, refusing to support a Republican candidate just because he is the presumed candidate of their party. Our man was Ron Paul and there were no substitutions, at least not someone whom we knew did not share his and our strong Constitutional beliefs.

I was very conflicted, as most were, but I kept my focus on the ultimate goal, the long-term substantial changing of politics, along with (I believe) the majority of supporters. I came to understand that for the time being, we would have to play by the game of politics in order to soon change the game. Rand Paul needed to stay on the “safe” side of the Republican party so they wouldn’t cast him out like they did his father, and so that not endorsing Romney wouldn’t be used against him by the powerful establishment over the next few years as he tries to pull in support from the base to run for President in 2016. He also showed this by his speech to the RNC, in which he pushed for our constitutional rights and civil liberties even when they were at odds with Romney and the establishment’s agenda, while playing to the neocons with the strong anti-Obama rhetoric and a speech that most Republicans couldn’t hate.

His timing with endorsing Romney may have not been the best, and whether he will remain consistent in voting in favor of our principles all the way through to his Presidential run (if he indeed does run) remains to be seen, but he is being wise by not getting himself pigeonholed like his father did as a “radical wacko” as the establishment loved to view Ron. I know I, as well as so many other liberty lovers, are going to keep a close eye on Rand’s voting record over the next few years, and hold his feet to the fire, as we should with any prospective candidate. And we should give him a chance because out of our current liberty torch-bearers out there, he has the best chance and is increasingly in the public eye.

It was clear by the reactions of the Romney camp that we were too “dangerous” to the status quo, and they may not have realized these were severe growing pains- and if they haven’t begun to realize yet, they will very soon. And these bumps in the road, or what many have seen as dead-ends, were growing pains for us as well. Many disagree that we should play the game in order to change it. Sometimes, I feel exactly this way. I may feel this way when all is said and done. But I have the strong feeling that the frustration of “the game” and occasional loss of hope comes out of some impatience and the feeling of urgency that comes with the necessity of this revolution.

But our system is so ingrained in how this country works that an “overnight” revolution may have no chance here, and would most likely be met with extreme outgunned violence and arrests. It has been known since this movement began that this would be a peaceful revolution. And peaceful revolutions don’t take a month or a year like violent ones we’ve been seeing in the Middle East. And we’ve seen how many or most of those have ended up. Dictators replaced by new dictators or military dictatorships, breakdowns into civil war, NATO interfering and keeping things a mess, and so on.

Every revolution has its ups and downs and not everyone involved shares the same goals. Everyone has their own defining backgrounds, outlooks, feelings and intentions, and some people, if not many, will not be getting what they expect. This has happened on the national level of our movement as well as the local level, and some of the local conflict has come from the national political methods clashing with our local grassroots methods, and “purism” versus “realism” as some within the political structure may (or may not, I’m just at the amateur outer edges) call it. Infighting may be inevitable but if we are at least all on the same page about the core issues and goals, it can stay strong and grow immensely.

Ron Paul was the messenger. The Ron Paul Revolution since it started in 07-08 has overall seemed to be the most intact and committed American movement in decades or even much longer, while it has clearly hit some bumps in the road and blows to morale. But the Liberty Movement remains strong, with our local movement still holding the majority of the Clark County Republican Party, and most recently scoring some big wins at the state level. At the last meeting, as I reported recently, we condemned Agenda 21 and the RNC rule changes used against us and put the delegate binding rules into question, and now an anti-NDAA bill created by members of PANDA (People against the NDAA) has been sent to the state legislature, the Nevada Liberty Preservation Act, which would restore the right of due process to Nevadans. I’ve been fortunate enough to know the liberty lovers responsible for drafting all these, and be a part of this grassroots movement that is paving our future. And we’re going to keep penning new legislation to change how our system works, with the foundation of liberty, and we will not stray.

A new small group that aims to become larger, the Nevada Liberty Caucus, is going to push for this cause, and our mission statement is “To restore the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America through education, legislation, support of candidates and activation of the liberty base.” We are going by the principles of the rest of the Liberty Movement, and are going to push to reach not just government, but a critical mass of the general populous, as this is surely also taking place throughout the country. The seeds have definitely been planted, and as with the formation of our country, “It doesn’t take a majority; it takes an irate minority willing to start the brush fires of freedom.”

By appealing to and having leverage over powerful establishment Republicans (such as Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, Rand Paul’s state), liberty defenders holding office have the best chance possible to take power in the next few years. We can truly get our people in the most powerful positions in the country by 2016, and finally start taking our freedoms back. We can also change the Republican Party platform, as has already happened in numerous states, to one of liberty. If the status-quo Republicans keep refusing to evolve, they will fade into obscurity. And unlike what they did to us, we will not disenfranchise them and make them feel completely unwelcome. Instead, we will welcome all ideas and give everyone an equal chance.

As the leaders of a “new” party we shall be mature and embrace everyone who wants a free society. We will not exclude people who make personal choices that go against our moral preferences, such as drug use and gay rights, since those do not inherently harm others. As Ron Paul said (which got booed at an early Republican debate), we shall abide by the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would want to be treated. Also, as our new Nevada Liberty Caucus group platform states, we will never initiate force, coercion, or fraud in order to accomplish social or political goals. It’s very simple. Don’t initiate violence, and treat others the way you want to be treated.

It became clear with this last election that more and more people are tired of the two-party system. An increasing number of people were saying they didn’t like either presidential candidate, and many seemed to have realized that they were practically identical. It’s all become a joke and a fight to quench our verbal blood thirst and to make typical Americans feel intellectual, knowing our intellectual appetite is increasing or returning, but it’s all through the filter of our false left-right paradigm and perpetual war, now seemingly perpetual collapsing economy based on our fiat money system, and so on.

It’s also become clear that people trust and watch the mainstream media less than ever, as they push hard as ever. Gladly, we have the very rare journalist that has complete integrity and gives straight truth, like the hard-hitting investigative journalist Ben Swann, but this is too rare. Alternative media is growing and the internet has become the top source of information. We need to keep up this trend and make sure we filter out all the distractions and b.s., as of course alternative media could have as much disinformation as the mainstream media. But the mainstream’s agenda is clear: push for the establishment candidate/industry/ideology. This megalithic and soon-to-be-paleolithic industry is facing its end unless it embraces the truth, which doesn’t seem likely anytime soon.

As much as we’ve been awakening, I’d never seen such a division in my lifetime for such base-level and prejudiced reasons. Race and sex were turned into deciding factors when they have had nothing to do with the actual important issues facing us. Since the election, have we seen race or sex play any part in the fiscal cliff? The wars in the Middle East? The shootings? Hurricane Sandy? While people have been waking up, the general masses have been turned into extremists (perhaps just for the election, but certainly they didn’t just snap back to “normal”- or did they) by accusing the other side of being on a war path against them and convinced the country would be destroyed. This certainty that the country has been on a path to destruction due to some of the government is probably because they subconsciously know it’s been getting destroyed, by both parties of the establishment, no matter which side wins. But we need to show these masses that there is a better way, away from destruction, that we can take to veer us away from the cliff; the path of liberty and truth.

We will also bring in awakened Democrats and non-conservatives and gain the high ground against the status-quo Democrats as people realize the big-government foreign intervention (and war) loving establishment party has become indistinguishable from the establishment Republican party (aside from the perpetuated, perceived moral differences of abortion and gay rights and whatever the next irrelevant Red-Blue distraction may be). And in turn, the Democrats, usually known for keeping up with the times, will inevitably embrace the message of the revolution. They’ve shallowly done this with the 99% movement, acting like the party of the 99%, capitalizing on the anti-elite class warfare moment. But of course, they currently get more campaign funding from the richest of the rich and the biggest banks of all, and continue the practice of bailouts and destroying the economy and coming up with no solutions, just as with the Republicans.

This time, as opposed to how Occupy (and the Tea Party) ended up, if our message ends up getting supported by the Democrats (and/or eventually the mainstream Republicans), we must make sure they don’t co-opt us or “use our name in vain”. It would be our people, those truly dedicated to the cause and whose record reflects support of liberty, freedom, and non-intervention, evolving their party/parties as well. Though by that point, if we achieve both parties championing the cause, we won’t need the two-party system. They’d be one and the same, but no longer two evils, and people will see this.

Mutually beneficial compromises would be very realistically attainable. We wouldn’t be in an eternal struggle over when a fiscal deal would be made. We’d have “radical” new ideas, because the truth is radical. The military-industrial complex could finally stop receiving endless streams of money and power and peace would finally be more attainable, at least at home. We wouldn’t be sending our soldiers out to other countries, and we’d keep our money where it belongs, at home. We’d let people live their lives as they please and we’d be left alone to do what we please, as long as we’re not initiating violence against others. We’d also put an end to the psychiatric-industrial complex and stop drugging ourselves and our kids to sleep. We’d end the fiat monetary system and restore sound currency and trade. We’d end the police state and federal control of our lives and localities, and do things how we and our communities saw fit. We’d take accountability and responsibility for our actions and not need any government “nannying” or dictations. We could fulfill what our forefathers intended.

We all used to live submerged in water, but we’re so adjusted to this outside world of air that we can’t survive if we return to where we came from. The same goes for history; we can’t go back to the Dark Ages or we’d suffocate. Many people can’t imagine going back to the George Bush era. This likely will happen if we evolve to a new, more peaceful world- we couldn’t regress again, it’d make no sense. For those that say peace is a naïve ideal, here is a great sensible quote from Ron Paul’s farewell speech:

“What a wonderful world it would be if everyone accepted the simple moral premise of rejecting all acts of aggression. The retort to such a suggestion is always: it’s too simplistic, too idealistic, impractical, naïve, utopian, dangerous, and unrealistic to strive for such an ideal.

The answer to that is that for thousands of years the acceptance of government force, to rule over the people, at the sacrifice of liberty, was considered moral and the only available option for achieving peace and prosperity.

What could be more utopian than that myth—considering the results especially looking at the state sponsored killing, by nearly every government during the 20th Century, estimated to be in the hundreds of millions. It’s time to reconsider this grant of authority to the state.”

But we could still be underwater, or view our current era that way in the future. We could see it this way and breach the surface, break through into that murky sky above, and evolve into our next phase. We could be free of the frustrations and stress of our suppression so that we could also enjoy our next phase of spiritual evolution, whatever that may be, if we so desire. We are already making the jumps with spirituality, technology, science, medicine, and more- all seem to be merging and becoming our tools to co-create our new reality. Evolution and revolution occur in jumps, and we are at that jump point. I’ve done the best I could at this moment in my own evolution within this lifetime to explain what I think we are ready for and should embrace.

I’m not pushing this down anyone’s throat- if you’re looking to break through into that new paradigm, or you’re doing it now, this is my take. If you are content where you’ve been, that’s perfectly fine for you. I just know that there is more than what most politics and (an opinion for another time) most religion and most science tells us, and this article and line of thought comes from that urge to explore what more is out there. There are hundreds of billions of galaxies in our universe and we really have no idea what’s out there. Only 10% of our brain is used and we don’t know what the other 90% is capable of. 70% of the universe is dark energy that we can’t measure and 25% is dark matter that we can’t see- the “normal” matter that Earth is made up of only makes up 5% of the matter in the universe. So we KNOW we’ve just barely begun to scratch the surface of our origins, and what is “out there”. And we’re but specks in the history of time. So who’s to say the way of our society and government now is the best way to be? We’ve just been in this system all of our lives and most people are “comfortable” and think this is how it has to be. Now how about we use the means we’ve got and jump forward, and explore that new promised land?

Don’t just have faith that the world will change for the better with or without you. Take action, become a leader. Take part in local activist groups, start your own, create a committee for a cause you’re passionate about, infiltrate the major parties, tell your friends, change at least one person from the mainstream status-quo mindset to the revolutionary mindset. That could turn into dozens, hundreds, millions. Everyone has a trigger and everyone has the power to create brand new realities.

I’ll now leave you with another quote from Ron Paul, from his “We Are The Future” Rally speech from the RNC in Tampa, seen as his and his supporters’ last stand of the 2012 election season, and just the first stage of our revolution:

Let’s have some fun, otherwise you’re going to get worn out. But, once you come to the conclusion when you put this whole thing together, personal liberty, property rights, sound foreign policy, monetary policy, and then there’s an enlightenment that comes and a light goes on and you say, “Wow, this really comes together”. So, out of your own self-interest, you spread this message. But you first educate yourself, study and learn and learn how to give the answers. And you don’t have to worry about what your job’s going to be, if you know the answers and you speak out and you’re available, somebody will use you. You may be in politics, you may run for office, you may organize, who knows what it may be. But the obligation is there, you have an obligation to do your very best to change this, because it’s in your interest and your family’s interest, it’s in the interest of our country.

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