“Towards Integrity, Then Unity”: Nevada Republican Party Condemns Agenda 21 and RNC Corruption

(Originally posted here at the Libertarian Review)
nevadastop21If Nevada is any indication, the Republican Party is headed for a turnaround to the direction of integrity and truth. The “Ron Paul Revolution” has stepped up and is taking charge of the course of the party state by state, becoming a gradual revolution that will soon be seen as far more than a movement led by one man. Nevada, one of the six states whose delegations went to the Republican National Convention to nominate Ron Paul, has broken more ground with its latest state Central Committee meeting Saturday, November 17th. The theme of the NRCC meeting was unity, and the liberty movement who has now filled the ranks of Clark County and much of the Nevada Central Committee, made sure that it’s not just an empty façade of unity behind whatever “inevitable” candidate gets the most funding, but unity through integrity, by following the rules and laws, showing respect for one another, giving everyone an equal voice, and backing those genuinely working to defend liberty and our future.

The major resolutions passed were:

-The “Resolution to Reestablish Republican Unity and Principles”, in which the RNC is condemned and petitioned to invalidate its Rules Committee rule change and change the record to show that Ron Paul was nominated from the floor;

-“Opinion on National Delegate Binding Rules” which states that the Nevada rules change in 2010 from delegates being unbound to bound to one candidate was improperly rushed into passing without discussion and that rules be made in the next meeting to prevent this from happening again; and

-A resolution strongly against Agenda 21, the “sustainable development” plan set forth by the U.N. which has been considered to be a “conspiracy theory” by most and has not yet made it into the mainstream, but is the dire direction toward global governance and complete control we find the federal government and the U.N. increasingly taking in recent years.

The unity theme was set in motion with speeches by NRCC Chair Michael McDonald and Vice Chair James Smack. Smack commented on RNC Chair Reince Preibus’s response to Clark County’s call for his resignation (a resolution that was passed at a CCRCC meeting a few months ago), which was basically that he won’t resign (which was met with boos) and doesn’t know of anyone challenging him for another term. There were emphatic calls from the committee for a challenger to Preibus and James Smack said he would look into it. Both he and McDonald pledged to make sure the RNC never ignores Nevada again, as they did in 2012. Chairman McDonald noted, “When they said those Ron Paul people don’t matter, they saw what happened after that.”

When Clark, Washoe, and the rural counties went into their separate caucuses, a lively debate ensued within the Clark County Caucus (I was present at this and do not know what happened in the Washoe or rural counties caucuses, while I was very curious) over Nye County Chairman Bill Carns’ motion which was going to be introduced later, to remove Washoe County Chair Dave Buell from the NRCC Executive Board. This was because of his controversial disassociation of Washoe County (home to Reno and Carson City) to basically turn it illegally into a PAC, as he received money from the national Republican Party that should’ve gone to all of Nevada. But due to lack of support, the motion was withdrawn. However the Clark County Caucus action was too heated to not mention here.

As explained by Michael McDonald and at times Clark County Whip Jordan Ross Dave Buell, who was not present at this meeting, basically turned Washoe County into a Political Action Committee, and received FEC money apart from the state party, which is illegal. Feds are currently investigating and fines could be from $100,000-200,000. Dave Buell stated earlier this year (without discussion involving others) that Washoe County would receive funds “unaffiliated with the Nevada Republican State Committee”, which he cannot do. This was after the splinter/shadow party “Team Nevada” had been created in Clark County after the “Ron Paul Republicans” started filling the leadership ranks of Clark County, the center of most of Nevada’s population. Dave Buell claimed that “we pissed through the money the RNC gave us,” which McDonald said simply was not true, and all funds were matched to use for the Republican campaigns, and we did achieve victory for Dean Heller against formidable powerhouse Democrat Shelley Berkeley.

Jordan Ross pointed out that this was “Really about not which candidate the money was going to go to, but which consultant was gonna get his hands on it.”

Opposition ranged from people not understanding what Dave Buell did wrong (which was explained) to his not being present and being unable to defend himself, to this amounting to starting war with Washoe (it was clarified that this was about him and legality, not the county itself), to being an attack on a personality (it was defended that we needed to do things with legality in order to support everyone involved), to the “unaffiliated” statement not being equivalent to secession from the state, to flat out accusations that it was just political spite. One NRCC member made the great point, “In order to have unity we need legality.”
Though, as stated before, by the time we got to the actual NRCC business of the afternoon, the proposal was withdrawn due to lack of support.

After an hours-long drawn-out struggle all too familiar after the past year of division, mostly consisting of divisions of the House and recounts and eventually separating us into ayes on one side of the room and nays on the other and counting the sides twice or thrice, the big successes came.

Opinion on National Delegate Binding Rules

First, the Opinion on National Delegate Binding Rules, proposed by Jay Lake, passed. This basically acknowledges “that NRCC improperly bound the delegates in 2010 because the meeting call did not include the binding subject matter,” according to Clark County Chair Cindy Lake.

A small section to censure the former NRCC officials responsible was removed, which didn’t change the nature of the resolution. The resolution reads as follows:


Prior to the 2012 Nevada Republican Caucus, the Nevada Republican Central Committee (NRCC) passed Special Rules to bind Nevada’s Delegates to the 2012 Republican National Convention. These Rules bound the delegates to vote for Presidential Nominees proportionally in accordance with the presidential straw poll balloting held in conjunction with the 2012 caucus, on the first round of voting.

Upon review of the process that was followed by the NRCC in passing these Special Rules, it is our opinion that the NRCC leadership at the time of the Nov. 20, 2010, Fallon meeting was disingenuous with the NRCC membership. They did not follow generally accepted standards of courtesy when they pfailed to provide sufficient notice of rule-making prior to the Nov. 20, 2010 meeting. In fact, statements to the contrary (that the Rules would not be voted on) were made to certain NRCC members prior to the Fallon meeting. These Rules, which were “approved” in Fallon, and officially enacted in Carson City on April 2, 2011, were submitted to the RNC as the official Nevada presidential nomination process.

While it is now too late to resubmit our nomination process to the RNC, and thus too late to change these Rules, we, the duly elected members of the NRCC on July 21, 2012, do hereby approve the following resolution:

WHEREAS it is a generally accepted courtesy that prior notice should be given to the Nevada Republican Central Committee (NRCC) membership before rules are accepted or amended;

WHEREAS this courtesy was never extended to the voting members of the NRCC regarding the discussion of, or voting on, the Special Caucus Rules relating to binding of National Delegates held in Fallon, Nevada, on Nov. 20, 2010;

WHEREAS the item on the Fallon meeting agenda regarding the discussion of the Special Caucus Rules was unspecific, vague, and obscure, and did not properly inform the Nevada Republican Central Committee members of the items to be discussed and voted upon;

WHEREAS members of the NRCC were not given the necessary time to research and consider the binding of National Delegates voted upon during the November 20, 2010 NRCC meeting;

WHEREAS certain voting members of the NRCC were told that the delegate binding issue would not be voted upon at the November, 2010, NRCC meeting;

WHEREAS when the Special Rules were ultimately passed at the NRCC Meeting held in Carson City on April 2, 2011, the NRCC members were led to believe that the delegate binding was not up for discussion, and that the only considerations at issue were the specific mechanics of the delegate binding process;


That the NRCC finds that the Nevada Special Caucus Rules of 2012 were not properly considered by the NRCC because the body was rushed into a decision on the delegate binding process without proper notice, research, or debate;

That, while it is no longer possible to change these Special Rules due to the fact that they were already submitted to, and accepted by, the RNC, this failure brings Nevada’s delegate-binding process into question.


That the NRCC directs the NRCC Chair and Executive Committee to formally propose rules at the next regular NRCC meeting to prevent this from occurring in the future, by requiring the same prior notice for the adoption or amending of rules as is currently required for the adopting or amending of the by-laws.

This was a resolution which was first presented at the July NRCC meeting in Elko, but a motion was brought to delay discussion until November, once the election had passed, apparently so that we wouldn’t be seen as trying to change the rules, which we weren’t. Also, the next resolution taking on the Republican National Convention’s underhanded tactics was intentionally presented after the election to show support for the National Republican Party.

Resolution to Reestablish Republican Unity and Principles

This next and very triumphant resolution, the Resolution to Reestablish Republican Unity and Principles, was passed after discussion and a refreshing overwhelming vote of support. In a speech to the committee, RRRUP creator Shawn Meehan made a compelling case for the resolution’s passage, and one line he spoke may have actually made some people grasp the importance who wouldn’t before, with its simple sincere clarity:

“It could be your candidate next time who is in the minority. The shoe could be on the other foot.”

He went on to pose the situation that they surely wouldn’t like either, to be disenfranchised, not represented or not be able to represent or vote for who they actually support. He also pointed out that so far, Vermont supports this resolution.

This Resolution mainly amounts to a powerful statement showing that the Republican Party of Nevada demands fairness and equal recognition from now on, and that the record should reflect how our delegation chose to vote. Nevada’s National Committeeman James Smack, National Committeewoman Diana Orrock, and State Chair Michael McDonald will bring this resolution to the RNC to try to get it passed there.

Cindy Lake noted, “Several other states are following us and going to either use our Resolution or have their own versions. Maine has their own and it has been submitted to their State for consideration.” However, she does not see the RNC “ever allowing the record to reflect Ron Paul’s having been nominated.”

Obviously, the establishment/leadership of the RNC didn’t show much support for Ron Paul during the campaign season or the rest of his career, to put it lightly, and aren’t known to fess up to their corrupt acts.

Highlights of this Resolution are as follows, and along with creator (and NRCC member) Shawn Meehan and title creator (and Clark County Chairwoman) Cindy Lake, was also worked on by National Committeewoman Diana Orrock, National Committeeman and NRP Vice Chair James Smack, NRP Parliamentarian Ralph McMullen, NRP Secretary Jim DeGraffenreid, Lyon County Chairwoman Dr. Robin Titus, CCRP E-Board Member Nick Gausling, and CCRP Political Director Frank Ricotta.

Resolution to Reestablish Republican Unity and Principles:

WHEREAS Republican Party organizations at all levels consist of numerous Americans giving generously of their valuable time to promote and protect the Constitution of the United States, the Republican Party Platform, and the Republican National Committee (RNC) Rules; we observe that all Republican Party members have a fundamental right to be integrity, and;

WHEREAS the Republican National Convention vote to accept the Report of the 2012 RNC Convention Rules Committee unmistakably violated applicable parliamentary procedure, and;

WHEREAS The Secretary of the Convention was presented with notarized presidential nomination forms for Dr. Ron Paul, in accordance with the rules, and the record of the Convention fails to reflect this, and;

WHEREAS These actions violated RNC Rules, and displayed a profound disrespect for rank and file Republicans. This behavior furthers a destructive top-down dictatorial method of operation within the Republican Party. Sincere unity must exist in the Republican Party to defend our distinctive American way of life from endless attacks;

RESOLVED that the Nevada Republican Central Committee (NRCC) petitions the RNC that the vote to accept the report of the 2012 RNC Rules Committee be declared void and the record of the convention be updated to reflect this, and;

RESOLVED that the Nevada Republican Central Committee petitions the RNC that the record of the 2012 RNC Convention be amended to show that Dr. Ron Paul’s name was put into nomination by the submission of the six nominating forms in accordance with the rules in effect at that time, and;

RESOLVED that the Nevada Republican Central Committee strongly encourages the RNC to issue a press release confirming the above appeals have been completed and that the RNC commits itself to adhering to its Rules by demonstrating integrity in all activities, and;

RESOLVED that the Secretary of the Nevada Republican Central Committee will ensure this Resolution and Addendum is broadcast via a national press release by the most efficient and expeditious means available, within two business days of passage and that the Nevada Republican Party Committeeman and Committeewoman will ensure transmission of this Resolution and Addendum to all RNC members by the most efficient and expedition means available, within two business days of passage, encouraging them to advocate passage of same by their respective state and associated county central committees.

Addendum A to Resolution to Reestablish Republican Unity and Principles:

Towards Integrity, Then Unity

The RNC silenced the delegates, and therefore, all Republicans, during the vote to accept the RNC Rules Committee Report, in violation of RNC Rules, specifically, our Preamble. The Preamble of our RNC Rules sets out a clear vision for the Party to function properly. The leadership of the Party exercised exceptionally poor judgment in their decision making, clearly violating that Preamble. As members of the Republican Party it is our duty to take actions necessary to ensure that our Party respects our rules.

Specific Grievances:

1) The report of the 2012 RNC Convention Rules Committee was not accepted properly. Legitimate cries of “Division” were heard, clearly requiring actions which were not taken (see Rules of the House of Representatives, Rule XX, 1. (a) Voting and Quorum Calls)

2) Therefore, Rule 40 (b) could not have been amended and the original requirement for five states remained the criteria. Considering this and that the RNC Secretary was handed candidate nomination forms in accordance with the rules, there should have been a nomination from the floor. The record of the convention fails to reflect this.

We Petition for Redress of These Grievances

According to the Resolution, we petition the RNC to invalidate the Rules Committee vote, amend the record of the convention and RNC

We Petition for Redress of These Grievances

According to the Resolution, we petition the RNC to invalidate the Rules Committee vote, amend the record of the convention and RNC Rules currently in effect to reflect this. We petition the RNC that forms submitted to nominate a candidate from the floor be corrected in the record, reflecting that any said candidates were nominated. Further, we request the RNC issue a press release once these actions are completed.

We Must Return to Our Founding Principles

In an unwise attempt to manufacture the appearance of unity behind our nominee, the RNC violated our own rules to squelch legitimate dissent. In fact, this resulted in further division and dissention. We sacrificed our integrity for the world to see. Integrity and unity can’t be manufactured; they must be earned.

This recent act of fraud disenfranchised all Republicans that gave and continue to give so dearly of their time and money to our Party. It is immoral and supremely arrogant to expect rank and file Republicans to diligently work precincts and maintain unquestioning loyalty to the party just to have the rules manipulated at the end of a four year effort.

We no longer yield to special friends, legacies, and wealthy donors to prescribe the purpose and direction of the Republican Party. We the Nevada Republican Central Committee affirm that The Constitution of the United States, the Republican Party Platform, and the Preamble of the Republican National Committee Rules define the purpose, structure, and function of America and the Republican Party. We demand that the leadership of the RNC adhere to and propagate the principles set out in these documents.

This party belongs to all of us and We The People declare that the rules will be followed. Going forward, the duty to ensure integrity in our party falls to all our members. Mr. Clint Eastwood was most correct at our convention when he stated, “We (you and me) own this country… politicians are our employees.” The leadership of the RNC are our employees. As Republicans, we must remain engaged and supervise our employees.

Anti-Agenda 21 Resolution

Finally, the resolution rejecting Agenda 21 passed unanimously, a victory that would please many people that the mainstream media like to brush off as “conspiracy theorists”, with the evidence to show that it is no far-fetched theory, that it is however very real and very much a threat to us. And with the language coming from the U.N. about ignoring and reversing new state laws legitimately voted on by the populace, and renewed gun ban attempts, and the strong reaction going on against the U.N. at this time, this may be the beginning of a huge wave rising against the U.N., and it’s up to the states to take official measures such as this since the national government seems to just kiss up to the U.N. Fortunately, other states have already passed anti-Agenda 21 resolutions, such as New Hampshire, Kansas, and Tennessee.

This anti-Agenda 21 Resolution, written by State Committeewoman Diana Orrock, is “A general resolution to take an express political position on a matter of public policy condemning the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development Comprehensive Plan known as Agenda 21; and providing for other matters properly relating thereto.”

I will skip straight to what this resolution resolves to do:

Therefore be it resolved, that the Nevada Republican Central Committee recognizes the destructive and insidious nature of United Nations Agenda 21 and hereby exposes to the public the public policy makers to the dangerous intent of the plan; and,

Therefore be it further resolved, that we recognize that neither the U.S. government nor any state or local government is legally bound by the United Nations Agenda 21 “Soft Law” in that it has never been formally ratified by the United States Senate; and,

Therefore be it further resolved, the federal, state, and local governments across the United States need to be well informed of the underlying dangerous implications of the implementation of the United Nations Agenda 21’s destructive strategies for so-called “sustainable development” and we hereby endorse the rejection of Agenda 21 and its radical policies, and the rejection of any grant funds attached to it; and,

Therefore be it further resolved, that the Nevada Republican Party and every Nevada Republican County Central Committee work with their public officials to identify and eradicate all legislation, ordinances, policies, procedures, et al, that are in accordance to the goals of Agenda 21; and,

Therefore be it further resolved, that the Nevada Republican Party and all Nevada Republican County Central Committees work vigilantly to actively oppose all proposed legislation, ordinances, policies, procedures, et al, in their respective political areas, which are in accordance to the goals of Agenda 21; and,

Therefore be it further resolved, that any Nevada Republican who actively works to assist in for the implementation of Agenda 21 goals be immediately censured by the appropriate County Central Committee and/or the Nevada Republican Central Committee; and,

Therefore be it further resolved, that upon the approval of this resolution the Secretary of the Nevada Republican Central Committee shall deliver a copy of this Adoptive Resolution to:
-The President of the United States
-Each member of Nevada’s delegation to the U.S. Congress
-The leadership of the Nevada State Legislature
-The Chair of the Nevada Republican Party
-The Chair of each Nevada republican County Central Committee

These are not the first victories for liberty and integrity in Nevada this year, of course. Clark County also passed an Anti-NDAA Resolution several months back, called for RNC Chairman’s Reince Priebus’s resignation after he illegally endorsed a candidate while more than one was in the race (as mentioned earlier), swept the E-Board at the Clark County Convention right after the caucuses and then top leadership positions in legitimate elections, and most of Nevada’s national delegates were for Ron Paul. The revolution is proving that it is going to go long beyond the 2012 campaign and aims to truly take our country back, county by county, state by state, and the foundation that has been laid is strong and fertile.


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