Zippity Bippity Hippity Bop

Zippity bippity hippity bop
Gippity sippity dippity sop
Loppity poppity coppity loo
Doppity roppity foppity doo
Soomina loomina voomina say
Koomina hoomina boomina kay
Joomina foomina doomina jay
Goomina zoomina toomina gay
Frapalaka bakalaka sakalaka duh
Bopadada topadada copadada buh
Takasaka hakasaka bakasaka tuh
Rubupupuh cubupupuh fubupupuh ruh
Coca-cola rock&rolla motorola rockafella
Haarp Darpa Monarch Alter MK Ultra Derka derka
Michelin Michigan ditchakid finch
Cinnabon cannabis cinnamint Clint
Lollipop popacop Orville redenbacher
DropATab PopAPill TokeASmoke choke
GangBanker CopTrainer HallOfFamer Bane
Dissident President Indefinite detention
Society anxiety high price of privacy
Lie to me, die for me, hire me a fine army
Cheat deceit repeat, keep me on my feet, repeat
Mesmerize hypnotize fictionalize surprise
What’s the prize, for your lies, I won’t realize, just minimize
Create my world, old one unfurled, tell me what’s real, give me a pill
Language danguage wangage jangage
Kitaboo sitaboo titaboo truth
Jibeling hibeling vibeling I believe
Zippity. Bippity. Hippity. Bop.

by Jason Nellis
performed at Money Plays Sep. 20, 2012



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