DNC/Don’t Be Hypnotized

Clinton and Obama, two of the greatest speakers of our time
So brilliant, so slick, you willingly give ‘em every dime
Believe me, Bill sold me when I was a child
When he first shook my hand, my emotions went wild
The charm of Elvis, the power of Kennedy
The charisma that magnetized Monica Lewinsky
Led us through wonderful times of prosperity
Everything seemed so simple, but we had no clarity
That’s the illusion that charmers provide
When things are smooth, we stand by their side
But now I’m grown, not an impressionable kid anymore
Not gonna walk into another misleading revolving door
Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama all invaded nations
No matter how “peaceful”, no matter how gracious
Do you guys really want another mandate
Another four years of increasing hate?
Sure it may appear the hatred is all from the other side
But look at “your people” when the other side is described
The polarization isn’t the red’s or the blue’s fault
It comes straight from the top, a “bipartisan” assault
Designed to set us at war with each other
So we root for team “Rombama” or “Obamney”, his brother
And blame it on our ignorant fellow Americans
Politics, like religion, should never ever split up friends
Look at the truth of everyone who runs
They’re almost always typical politicians
Ask Obama, who said he was for weed decriminalization
Why he orders so many raids, and now scoffs at legalization
Mister Cool hip guy, used to be the peace candidate
Now when challenged on war, no room for debate
Don’t need congressional approval to attack Libya, Syria, or Iran
Even though he lambasted Bush for Iraq when he first ran
Multiplied the troops going into Afghanistan
His first days in office, ordered strikes on Pakistan
Ushered in the era of drones and indefinite detention
Without just cause, and this gets no media attention
Why aren’t the millions that believed the promise of hope and change
A hundred percent fed up, betrayed and enraged?
I’m sure we’d be in a similar spot if we had McCain
Just instead Democrats being the ones attacking the president
Republicans blaming no progress on a Democratic Congress
Two sides of the same coin, evil and so-called good twins conjoined
I think you get the point, doesn’t matter who we anoint
Our generations’ parents were on the right track
Against being blindly led into an unjust attack
Calling out the war hawks, demanding the facts
Whether those in charge were Republicans or Democrats
Then over the years as some got bought by the machine
And others continued the LSD and got the reputation of being unclean
The yuppies took over the scene and complacence became accepted
The revolution was forgotten and our passion was neglected
Well now it’s come full circle and the hippies’ kids have been affected
By wars and extreme corruption and our rights being rejected
We know the stereotypes, we’ve all been berated
And we were born with our third eyes activated
We’re taking the helm and finally bringing activism back to the fore
And we learned from the mistakes our parents made before
Let’s not let the establishment pigeonhole us like they did them
So they can call us a passé failed attempt, a new hippie generation
We’re not just Occupiers, not just Paulites, not just anarchist stoners
We’re cashiers, we’re farmers, we’re chefs, and we’re soldiers
Maybe it’s the dawning of the Age of Aquarius
Maybe it’s the destiny of the internet
Whatever it is, let’s let the sun shine in
Because we have the passion and the numbers and the knowledge to win
So don’t be hypnotized by the rhetoric of Romney, Obama, Ryan, Biden or Clinton
Remember they’re magicians of spin, be wary of all politicians
But don’t give up on the future, because it’s ours
We’re waking up, you know it, let’s be creative and own what’s ours

by Jason Nellis
performed at Money Plays Sep. 13, 2012


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