Corrupt RNC destroys its own party in the days before the convention

The Republican Party establishment is alienating a huge growing portion of its voters in the days leading up to the Republican National Convention, ensuring that its most passionate vital bloc will not vote for Mitt Romney and very likely leave the party in droves. The RNC Rules Committee changed numerous rules on Friday, disenfranchising many Ron Paul delegates and playing some of the dirtiest tricks yet after an already corruption-saturated primary and convention season on behalf of the Romney campaign, and continue to change convention plans and scheme through this weekend.

Democrats should also be concerned, because this is what they’ll be facing in November; more dirty tricks bought to you by the GOP-Romney cronies including Bush’s 2000 campaign lawyer Ben Ginsberg (who was also his lawyer during the Florida recount). Independents should take note because this shows that the current GOP leadership including Romney won’t allow for independent voices to be heard or have any say. And non-Paulite Republicans should be ashamed of this height of corruption of their party’s leadership.

Here are the tactics used so far in just the last few days, leading up to the convention, to silence the revolution:

  • The Maine delegation of 20 Ron Paul supporters was denied to be seated because the Rules Committee, with Ben Ginsberg present, claimed they were voted in “illegally”, despite speakers saying the 2790 state delegates at their convention voted them in legally- it was challenged and now reportedly 10 of 20 will be seated- still disenfranchising half of the delegates.
  • Louisiana delegation of 34 was cut to 17 in a compromise and Massachussetts delegates were also cut after they were said to be ineligible, after both states challenged decisions against Ron Paul delegates.
  • Ron Paul was not invited to speak at the convention because he didn’t agree to unconditionally endorse Romney and let the RNC edit his speech.
  • Rand Paul was given a primetime slot (even though I haven’t seen this mentioned once on any televised news) after a deal was made saying this would be allowed if Ron Paul supporters don’t “hold up the convention” (I guess try nominating Ron Paul/make their voice heard?)
  • The 5-state minimum requirement to get on the ballot was also attempted to be raised Friday to an 8-state minimum, which would disqualify Ron Paul, although this must be ratified by the actual convention body during the convention, so it may not pass, though of course the RNC is making it seem the rules have already changed.
  • Also on Friday, a new rule was passed allowing the RNC to amend the party’s rules at any time without a vote by the full Republican National Convention, so they could make sure the message they want is what stands and local/state GOP committees don’t stray (such as, most likely, resolutions like Clark County’s NDAA condemnation). Ben Ginsberg, the lawyer for Romney and Bush, and part of the committee, said this would grant Romney “flexibility”. Virginia delegate and RNC member Morton Blackwell called it “the most awful proposed amendments I’ve seen presented to this committee.” “This is dangerous, it amounts to a power grab,” he said. “We are abandoning the historic process by which are rules are adopted.”
  • A rule was made for upcoming conventions for all of a state’s delegates to be pledged to the candidate who won the state’s primary election, undoing the freedom that allowed delegates- those voters who get most involved in the political process- to vote for whom they please/voted for in their primary/caucus (what allowed Ron Paul to amass around 373 delegates).
  • TV coverage minimized (this made known before the hurricane was forecasted) and NO mainstream TV coverage of the huge Ron Paul rally/festival/marches. (Update: I just saw the Ron Paul rally speech on C-SPAN, but not a word on the major broadcast or cable news networks)
  • Ron Paul delegates have been texted by the RNC that Monday is cancelled and will start Tuesday, but it is not- reportedly, the nomination has been moved up to Monday.
  • There are reports, though so far unconfirmed, that marijuana has been planted in some hotel rooms safes where Ron Paul delegates are staying. They’ve been advised to have security go with them at check-in to check the safes and not leave anything unattended.
  • Not so much a dirty tactic, but a rub-in-the-face of delegates, Nevada and Maine, two “Ron Paul states” have some of the “nosebleed” seats as reported by CNN, seated at the back… perhaps in exchange for Nevada’s delegates being left alone and credentialed, they get the bad seats. At least Nevada and Maine are in proximity… Maine a bit closer up, perhaps because half of their delegates were cut.
  • I am sure there are corrupt and misleading tactics I have left out. While writing this, the RNC Parliamentarian David Breier said all the former candidates including Ron Paul support the Romney-Ryan ticket. Complete BS. But nothing is a surprise anymore. The levels of foul play and treacherous tricks have reached a high perhaps never seen by most in the party, not because they haven’t seen corrupt tactics by the Romney camp, but not so much ALL AT ONCE and ALL SO CROOKED.

    Some reports from those on the field:
    As Nevada supporter Daria Gilmore said, “The party will eat itself from the inside. Corruption at its finest down here. And also the finest fighters to rise against it.”
    Upon witnessing the Rules Committee changes as a guest, Texas delegate Jeremy Blosser said, “the DC insiders led by the Romney campaign are staging a complete takeover of the Republican Party from the conservative wing and ensuring they will never lose power again.”

    They surely saw no other choice but to cram all the changes into the last couple days before the convention, so there’s no time for the Ron Paul delegates to challenge these sneak attacks and have the chance to win, again. But wasn’t Romney the presumed nominee? Hadn’t all the mainstream media outlets already been saying it’d be a coronation ceremony for King Romney? Why would they be using such desperate last-minute tactics if they weren’t concerned about Ron Paul having any chance to win the nomination?

    Most Ron Paul supporters including myself, from my perspective, have realized over the past couple months that Romney will most likely end up being the nominee. We knew the game was rigged, or at least that most people have been effectively propagandized by the media and the money. But the goal of bringing our message to the national stage is extremely important to the movement, as well as at least giving Ron Paul the fair chance he deserves to be nominated. This seemed to be the definite expectation, for him to be on the ballot, after convention win after win after win, which seemed to tally past the 10 mark. Although some states had binding rules and some conventions went awry due to other corrupt business by the Romney camp… but there were multiple times we reached the official 5 state mark, and of course, at least one or two had to keep getting challenged.

    Well after it seemed the pre-convention game was over and we’d at least have our voices heard and hopefully respected at the convention (or maybe that was just a fantasy), the movement has received a mighty middle finger from the establishment. Again something I must note upon just now seeing on MSNBC, one panelist brought up “a certain congressman” and muttered “with the name of Paul” which drew a response by the host of “he must never be spoken of again” followed by a chorus of laughs and guffaws and the end of the show.

    So there it is, the revolution will not be televised, but turned into the laughing stock and something that must not be spoken of because the establishment has once again won. But just this battle. And not fully… just outside, down the street practically, was the gigantic finale to Ron Paul’s campaign and perhaps his career- the “We Are The Future” rally, a 5-hour rally of thousands in the USF Sun Dome, in which Ron Paul gave an hour-plus speech calling on his supporters to go forth and end this era and carry the revolution forward. See the climax and probably most emotional moment of his career for his supporters here (which I was glad to just now see, toward the end of this wiriting, on C-SPAN): Ron Paul Tampa Rally Speech

    Then there’s the feds saying they expect anarchists to use violence outside the conventions and may use IEDs (improvised explosive devices) especially on bridges.
    And then there’s Hurricane Isaac…

    Stay tuned for more news from the conventions/rallies/activity not covered by the mainstream media.
    Are you in Tampa and have anything to add or correct? Comment below or email me at

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