Clark County (Las Vegas) Republican Party Passes Anti-NDAA Resolution

On Wednesday July 18th, the Clark County Republican Central Committee (including myself) voted on a momentous resolution against the NDAA. Introduced by motion of CCRCC member Dirk Tejan, Resolution G-108 resolves to:

Take an express political position on a matter of public policy regarding the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2012, the dangers it poses to civil liberties, a call for the Clark County Sheriff to protect citizens of the United States in his jurisdiction; and providing for other matters properly relating thereto.

The resolution has some very powerful requests such as calling on the Sheriff Douglas Gillespie to “not enforce the imposition of martial law, absent a declaration of war duly approved by Congress,” and “to publicly state that he will not aid or participate in the unconstitutional arrest, detainment, torture, assassination, or extraordinary rendition of any United States citizen in Clark County, Nevada.”

In one of the first votes of 2012 in which we had unanimous “yays” and no “nays”, this was a resounding victory for the liberty movement and a shining moment for a local party that over the past few months became bitterly divided and gained a reputation for being a complete shambles.

After liberty-minded “Ron Paul Republican” delegates swept most of the state convention in May and war nearly broke out when a resolution passed at a CCRCC meeting later that month to call for RNC chairman Reince Preibus’s resignation after his major rule-breaking endorsement of Romney with Paul still in the race, sore Romney people created a “shadow party” called Team Nevada in which they could fund Romney’s campaign without breaking Republican party rules against funding a candidate who was and is not yet nominated. The county party was quickly seen as a mess and a “shell of a party”, mostly declared by two-faced journalists such as Jon Ralston. Several board members including the chairman David Gibbs stepped down, well-known Ron Paul Republican/Secretary Cindy Lake took his place, and more recently Washoe County (home to Reno and capitol Carson City) filed with the SEC to break affiliation with the state party, so as to work with Romney’s Team Nevada.

Now of course not nearly all status-quo Rhinos have jumped ship in protest/fright of the liberty movement, and the proportions at this meeting weren’t all that different from the last, though liberty candidates did sweep all offices up for election that night (including County Chair Cindy Lake and Vice Chair Carl Bunce, both organizers of the 2012 Ron Paul campaign). So it was quite the moment when not one “nay” was vocalized in the vote for the resolution against the NDAA, despite Romney’s vocalized strong support of the NDAA when asked about it in a major debate.

County Whip Jordan Ross, a person who has previously at times been seen as an antagonist to Ron Paul supporters on the committee, read the resolution from the podium and then came down to the discussion mic to adamantly support it. He took off his County Whip badge and held up his Constable badge to say that he was speaking as a law enforcement officer and citizen, and that these sections of the NDAA are of extreme concern and highly unconstitutional. His impassioned speech was refreshing and powerful and surely many people skeptical about him gained a new respect for him.

The one voice of dissent came from a man who was consistently fighting everything put into motion by Paul supporters, and sitting across the aisle from me I could hear his groans and see his head shakes and edge-of-his-seat readiness to fight it from the outset of the resolution’s reading. He complained that he couldn’t support it without seeing the actual sections in writing, which was fair enough, and the Whip then explained that those sections were twenty pages long and too much to print out for a committee of a few hundred people. He sat down, a couple more comments were made, and the vote was held and unanimously passed.

Whether the Sheriff will comply with these requests will be of great significance. If he does, it would be a major statement against the tyrannical direction of our federal government, not only Obama and the Democrats who passed the NDAA but also the Republicans and Romney who supports it. If he doesn’t, it would show he’s just another tool who isn’t abiding by our constitution and just like anyone else who would enforce or support it, amounts to a traitor. Of course, if martial law were to be declared by the President or individuals were to be detained under the permission of the NDAA, and Sheriff Gillespie were to comply with our resolution, the federal government may very likely go around his authority or he could simply go back on his word and be proven to be a panderer. Whatever the outcome, this is a very powerful resolution that should garner significant media attention; if only the media weren’t run by certain special interests.

This is a major victory for the liberty movement, and hopefully another sign of things to come for the future of the grassroots movement building its ranks politically in the Clark County Republican Party/Nevada Republican Party, which for these reasons am becoming increasingly proud to be a part of. May this be the route the nation begins to take. This is how the revolution happens, resolution by resolution, and electing liberty-minded candidates to office.

My opinions do not necessarily reflect the views of the CCRCC or NRCC. I’m writing this simply as an American citizen.

Republican Party Denounces NDAA by Dirk Tejan (member who proposed the resolution)
My Libertarian Review article


2 thoughts on “Clark County (Las Vegas) Republican Party Passes Anti-NDAA Resolution

  1. Awesome! A great win for the Liberty movement. It will be a long struggle, but we have to start locally before we can affect anything national. Kudos to Clark County!

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