Ron Paul, our only hope

(or, “How I Learned to Stop Being Skeptical of Every Single Politician and Love Ron Paul”)

I’ve hated politics and politicians for a long time, and now maybe the most fulfilling job (and it’s unpaid) I’ve ever had is interning for a presidential campaign. Now that the Nevada Republican caucus is right around the corner, this Saturday February 4th at 9am (maybe a little later depending on your precinct), my office time is wrapping up but I started spreading the word about Ron Paul in 2007 and will continue until he is president, or beaten by the media and their powers of brainwashing the masses, at which point I may lose hope for America, aside from full-on revolution. I’ve also been a democrat most of my life, definitely liberal, until opening my eyes to the false left-right paradigm over the past 7-8 years. Right now I’m republican mainly so I can vote for him in the caucus (which you need to be too) and plan on going Non Partisan or Libertarian or Independent after this is over. I learned about him while in the midst of learning a whole lot more about the truth of our history, from our overreaching foreign policy and involvement in the coups and dictator installations and civil war instigations of so many countries, to our debt-based economy and designed economic collapse and corporate/bank control of the system to our unbelievable corrupt and shadowy federal reserve, to increasingly taking away our freedom and privacy and liberty (which was becoming an obvious growing trend to most I believe) and convincing us we can’t live without our government as is (no matter how extremely corrupt and totalitarian and doomed, good lord), to our imperialistic greed of remaining the world’s sole superpower and controlling the world’s resources, to much more that was disturbing me and waking me up to the fact that the whole system is a fraud, and waking an exponentially increasing number of people up to this reality. I, along with millions of others, was losing the illusion that there were any honest candidates who were actually looking out for The People. And then I, and many others, began to learn about Ron Paul.

I learned about him right before he announced his run for president in 2007, when people were urging him to run. I learned gradually about his beliefs on the defense of liberty, primarily, which means, as he states in his book Liberty Defined, “to exercise human rights in any manner a person chooses so long as it does not interfere with the exercise of the rights of others. This means, above all else, keeping government out of our lives.” This and his denouncing of the Patriot Act, our meddling in the Middle East, growing government and diminishing freedoms, and much more vocal and brave criticism of the government, began to resonate with me. The more I looked into his record and listened to his beliefs and constitutional defense, the more I saw he was the real thing and should be leading our country. And the more I saw that the media was blacking him out and even repeatedly referring to the Ron Paul supporters as terrorists (look it up, happened many times- let’s see them try that nowadays! well they probably will again), the more it was clear he was a real threat to the establishment- and while I kept a skepticism of any politician, I saw that I never saw such real hope (not just false blind hope due to good speaking, but real promise of change due to knowledge and sincerity and a record reflecting it) and intelligence and legitimacy in a presidential candidate and that he NEEDED (and NEEDS)to become president. They said he’s too old, too crazy, not presidential looking. What they meant was he’s too wise, too honest and right on the issues that matter and one of those “crazy” forefather types, not a robot groomed by the elites to run this country further into slavery and totalitarianism and total destruction (“too” much for their status quo and buyers to handle).

So I became a full-fledged supporter, spread the word, shot a rally and did everything I felt I could online, while knowing the media was portraying Obama as a messiah and the majority was buying it, and he was historical, and he said “Yes We Can”, so no one could beat that. And Republicans were still too enmeshed in the old established views. I didn’t think he could win, but I knew that the message was getting out there, and the movement was increasing exponentially. The media had to admit the grassroots support for Ron Paul was unmatched by any other candidate. Still, they had to omit him from debate poll results whenever he won and dismiss him as a kook. Well, we all know how that turned out, and then, as many of us non-Obama voters expected, he became a quick disappointment and was full of empthy “hope” and “change” rhetoric. I’m sorry but we didn’t see this coming? Really? Anyway, over a mere couple years, the country becomes more divided than ever, but mostly at the core united in the sentiment that we’re all angry at the government and the status quo. So the Tea Party arises (started by Ron Paul’s movement- I was in a small group of people in Vegas in the limo that went around the country- but then hijacked and turned into an ugly confused piece of establishment crap by Sarah Palin and Fox and friends) and fades, the Occupy Movement arises with a much bigger punch and (according to how/where you look at it) gets hijacked in ways and convoluted and fades for now- though I do believe it can evolve into something much better, but that’s a different story- but through all the ups and downs, it’s been clear that revolution has been brewing and has hit its boiling point. So what a perfect time for the Ron Paul Revolution to really go for the gold and be the beginning of the solution to what most of the country has seen is a horrible systemic failure and NEEDS a solution NOW. So, now, as you might have heard, Ron Paul is more popular than ever, and I have confidence he’ll do great in Nevada (hoping there’s no voter fraud like what’s been proven in Iowa and South Carolina so far) and gain steam as the caucuses and primaries go on. Of course, the media plays to the Republicans that are so set in their ways of being pro-war and keeps acting like his foreign policy is “flawed”. I couldn’t believe when the audience booed him referencing the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” This shows that so many in the country are still in this sad old “comfort zone” that has costed us and our “enemies” (who’ve all been aided by us at one time or another) millions of lives, just because that’s “how it has to be”. But it’s so simple- focus our military spending on DEFENSE spending, to defend ourselves, not on foreign intervention, foreign aid, and illegal imperialistic wars. And this still gets booed. Whatever.

But at least this old hardcore base is diminishing- and the future looks bright, because in most of the primaries and caucuses so far, Ron Paul WINS the 18-29 year olds votes, while not getting much of the 65+ votes. Maybe it’s that we see the way things have been going, we cannot keep this up, and that preemptive war really is pointless and destructive not only for innocent foreigners and our soldiers, but also our economy and of course reputation. Think at least about reputation- if we were to stop meddling in the Middle East and acting like war with Iran is inevitable and funding Israel to kill Palestinians and surge toward war with Iran and pissing off Russia and China and the whole region- don’t you think we might be regarded a little bit better by the rest of the world than we have been the past decade or two? And if Israel wasn’t so reliant on the U.S., don’t you think they would be a bit more happy with their sovereignty and not have to check with us every time they make a decision to make sure its ok with us? And same with us- doesn’t it seem a bit odd that every candidate has to support Israel above all other countries? Why do they deserve to have so many nukes and Iran can’t even have one to defend itself/keep governments like ours and Iran’s from bullying them? Anyway, I’ll wrap this up and let you watch/read Ron Paul himself, since that’s what this is all about. I’ve seen inside politics and off and on I’ve wanted to be involved in politics so I can help change the world for the better, but I’ve been disillusioned by the establishment doing all in their power to squelch that, and basically give us a little tease that we might have a chance to get what we want, what we were promised by our forefathers in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, but then stomp our hopes ferociously. But we’ve caught on, and they know it. They’re ready for war, but they’re scared. That’s why the have the NDAA and other acts in place and are eager to censor the internet and keep us from truly taking the power back. That’s why they slander Ron Paul and try as hard as possible to convince the sheeple that he’s unelectable and take every intelligent thing he says in the stupidest most narrow-minded way possible to scare their mass audiences. That’s why we NEED to push Ron Paul to the top and make clear to the government, the media, and the world that we are not falling for their bullshit anymore, and it’s time to take our country back. And if he doesn’t beat the establishment, the battle has just begun.


If you’re unhappy with the economy and want REAL change with an actual plan- $1 trillion in cuts, end of the Federal Reserve which is to blame for the bailouts and the debt that is now surpassing the size of our entire economy, the end of crony capitalists running our country, the elimination of 5 irresponsible departments, the end of taxes on tips, the end of spending on foreign intervention and unnecessary wars (being the world’s police), and more, Ron Paul is who you want. If you’re tired of the undeclared and unjustified wars, he’ll end those and not go to war without congressional approval, and is against war with Iran, as that is all based on fearmongering propaganda and lies. He will also bring all troops home to defend our country. If you’re tired of the lies and flip-flops, he has the most consistent experience of any candidate. Over 30 years in congress, 12 elected terms. If you’re tired of the government taking more and more power and our rights and telling us what is good for us and strengthening the police state, he is a strict constitutionalist, believes firmly in the Bill of Rights, and is against the Patriot Act, and is for states’ rights and decisions over federal rule. He is the only one who knows the actual change that will restore our nation, and has the record to prove it. Ron Paul is our only hope.

Below are some great Ron Paul videos and brilliantly revealing and sincere quotes underneath.

2007 Ron Paul speech at UNLV (I shot this)

“What if…” Speech Remastered


Las Vegas 1-31-12 (I was there! There’s the staff from our campaign office behind him)

Legalize Marijuana

New Hampshire Speech

“What I am describing is the only realistic option Americans have.  (That is, it would be their most realistic option if anyone in our government would actually offer it to them.) The alternative consists of an ever-growing financial burden, more police state measures, and an endless string of wars, pitched to Americans on the basis of the now-familiar propaganda and financed by more borrowing, higher taxes, and more money printed out of thin air. The collapse of the dollar will not be far behind.
The empire game our government has been playing is coming to an end one way or another. This is the fate of all empires: they overextend themselves and then suffer a financial catastrophe, typically involving the destruction of the currency. We are already seeing the pattern emerging in our own case. We can either withdraw gracefully, as I propose, or we can stay in our fantasy world and wait until bankruptcy forces us to scale back our foreign commitments. Again, I know which option I prefer.
Will it be difficult? Perhaps, though not nearly as much as some people think. We would finally begin to pull ourselves out from the crushing burden of debt and unfunded obligations that have hung over the economy for far too long. Our country would enjoy far more robust economic performance than we have seen in many decades. Rich and poor alike could once again look to the future with confidence, instead of a sense of foreboding.
Doing nothing would be far more difficult. In my travels around the country I have discovered that young people are waking up to reality faster than anyone else, since they realize that the cosmetic changes our political class is calling for will do nothing to prevent the financial catastrophe they now fear they will inherit. What decent parents would want to do such a thing to their children?

The empire game our government has been playing is coming to an end one way or another. This is the fate of all empires: they overextend themselves and then suffer a financial catastrophe, typically involving the destruction of the currency. We are already seeing the pattern emerging in our own case. We can either withdraw gracefully, as I propose, or we can stay in our fantasy world and wait un…til bankruptcy forces us to scale back our foreign commitments. Again, I know which option I prefer. …
Ours is not a fated existence, for nowhere is our destiny etched in stone. In the final analysis, the last line of defense in support of freedom and the Constitution consists of the people themselves. If the people want to be free, if they want to lift themselves from underneath a state apparatus that threatens their liberties, squanders their resources on needless wars, destroys the value of their dollar, and spews forth endless propaganda about how indispensable it is and how lost we would be with out it, there is no force that can stop them.
If freedom is what we want, it is ours for the taking.
Let the Revolution begin.” -Ron Paul, The Revolution: A Manifesto

“The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan cannot be separated from the general acceptance of our two major political parties that our obligation to support Israel at all costs is deeply embedded in our political culture. The threats toward Iran and the sanctions come at the constant urging of the Israeli right-wing government and their supporters here in the United States. The dissidents who speak out in… Israel are rarely quoted here in the U.S., and any opposition arising in the U.S. is rarely reported in our media….
If we were to stay out of the Middle East, militarily and politically, I’m convinced it would be most helpful, in that a “neighborhood” solution would most likely occur without us stirring the pot and jeopardizing more Americans being killed in wars yet to come. This policy, I am certain, would be in the interest of Israel and the United States and world peace.” -Ron Paul, from Liberty Defined


“The war on terror is no more a true war than the wars on poverty, illiteracy, or drugs. It’s a mere metaphor to provide fear and intimidate people into sacrificing their liberties. I have actually heard a member of Congress say it’s all justified because ‘the people are too stupid to take care of themselves’ .”

“The endless praise offered to those who serve in the military- ‘thank you for your service’ in defending the empire- is a required politically correct salutation to our ‘universal’ soldiers. No, they never say thank you for ‘defending the empire’; it’s much more decent- it’s thank you for defending our freedoms, our Constitution, and for fighting ‘them’ over there so we don’t have to fight them here at home. Though the wars we fight are now unconstitutional, the military is endlessly praised for defending our liberties and Constitution.
Many on the right who endorse the preventive-war mentality of overseas aggression are sincere in their belief that this effort is required to defeat the enemies of liberty. They refuse to see anyconnection between a policy of perpetual war and the loss of civil liberties at home. They believe their own rhetoric. This deception only facilitates big government, deficits, and the diminishment of individual liberty they say they are fighting to preserve.” -Ron Paul, ‘Liberty Defined’

Ron Paul (from ‘The Revolution’, written in 2008 when his stance was even more unpopular) on the prospects of actually having a national debate on noninterventionism vs. interventionism/illegal wars (which both parties blindly support nowadays)- “If we ever have such a debate, some Americans may conclude that the increased risk of terrorism is a price they are willing to pay in order to continue our government’s interventionist foreign policy. Others will realize that foreign interventionis is bankrupting us and making us less secure. However it came out, at least we would have had the debate. At the end of such a debate, Michael Scheuer concludes, Americans ‘may decide that the foreign policy status quo that exists at the moment is what they want. But if they do, they will at least go into it with their eyes open, and know that they are in for an extended period of war, a tremendously bloody and costly war.'”

“We cannot know exactly what tomorrow will bring, nor at what time the consequences of bad policy will involve, so we must strive for truth and the preservation of those values that we are convinced have benefited mankind. We could be successful and preserve the American Republic as it was intended, giving up the militarism of the American Empire. The odds are slim that that will occur without a bloody reaction from those who wield the power over the military-industrial complex, our political process, the media, our economy, our monetary system, and our personal lives. But regardless, since the principles of liberty are based on morally correct ideas, anything we do to preserve them will benefit mankind. …
The American Empire is the envy of American freedom. It is every bit as much the enemy of American citizens as it is of its victims around the world.”


We also need to begin to restore monetary freedom, which means that Americans should be free, if they wish, to engage in transactions and contracts denominated in gold and silver. It is essential that Americans be able to protect themselves in this way against any coming monetary disaster that would leave them holding valueless dollar bills. No one in politics or the media even talks about the issue, so you know it must be important.


“It is only our intellectual inertia and lack of imagination that make us think these departments necessary in the first place. A federal Department of Education, for example, is an insult to the American people, who are more than capable of running their own schools without being looted to support a national education bureaucracy. We would get by just fine without it, as indeed Americans did for most of the twentieth century, a period when—by just a coincidence?—the population was far better educated than it is now. In fact, given the Department of Education’s sorry record, if I truly opposed learning and knowledge I would propose tripling its budget. If we adopted a sensible policy like this, the very announcement would restore strength to the dollar. And the more we lived within our means, the less inflation we would have and the less the poor and middle class would suffer, since there would be less pressure on the Fed to monetize debt.”

I strongly believe in the principle of civil disobedience. It is one way that the impulse to liberty checks the powerful…. Though I have not chosen this method of protest and instead have chosen to promote change through education and political action, I admire people who do so as long as it’s nonviolent and the participants understand exactly what’s at stake. It’s conceivable that someday I might consider it the only option. The greatest benefit of civil disobedience is the publicity it generates. This serves as an educational tool, so eventually it will help to change bad laws or stop an ill-conceived war.” -Ron Paul, from the book ‘Liberty Defined’
“Neoconservatives, the false conservatives who got us into the Iraq mess and pushed hard for war with Iran, continue to hold their positions of prominence. Why that is so is quite beyond me… Meanwhile, where is the exposure for those who favor a non-interventionist foreign policy? These individuals would have avoided the Iraq fiasco altogether. America would be trillions richer over the long te…rm, Iraqi society would not be in shambles, and countless Americans and Iraqis alike would still be alive. Noninterventionists have been entirely vindicated. And yet they do not enjoy the places of prominence that the establishment has bestowed upon those who have been consistently wrong, and responsible for carnage and destruction that have destroyed our good name around the world and isolated us more than ever in our history. In fact, they are scarcely to be found at all.” -Ron Paul, ‘The Revolution: A Manifesto’

“Most Americans do not question the requirement to obtain a license to get married. As in just about everything else, this requirement generates unnecessary problems and heated disagreements. If the government was not involved there would be no discussion or controversy over the definition of marriage. Why should the government give permission to two individuals for them to c…all themselves married? In a free society, something that we do not truly enjoy, all voluntary and consensual agreements would be recognized. If disputes arose, the courts could be involved as in any other civil dispute.
But look at where we are today, constantly fighting over the definition and legality of marriage. Under our system, the federal government was granted no authority over this issue. Many Americans would even amend the Constitution to deal with the argument by defining marriage. This attempt only exacerbates the emotionally charged debate on both sides.
I’d like to settle the debate by turning it into a First Amendment issue: the right of free speech. Everyone can have his or her own definition of what marriage means, and if an agreement or contract is reached by the participants, it will qualify as a civil contract if desired. …
The definition of marriage is what divides so many. Why not tolerate everybody’s definition as long as neither side uses force to impose its views on the other? Problem solved!”

John Quincy Adams- “Wherever the standard of freedom and Independence has been or shall be unfurled, there will her heart, her benedictions and her prayers be. But she goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own. She will commend the general cause by the countenance of her voice,… and the benignant sympathy of her example. She well knows that by once enlisting under other banners than her own, were they even the banners of foreign independence, she would involve herself beyond the power of extrication, in all the wars of interest and intrigue, of individual avarice, envy, and ambition, which assume the colors and usurp the standard of freedom. The fundamental maxims of her policy would insensibly change from liberty to force… She might become the dictatress of the world. She would be no longer the ruler of her own spirit…” (Adams as quoted in Ron Paul’s ‘The Revolution’)

2 thoughts on “Ron Paul, our only hope

    Ron Paul will never be the representative of the Republican party. He really is a Libertarian and if anything should free himself from the Republican party and try to really maintain and ignite a Libertarian party.
    People in the USA have always whether if they wanted to or not, made concessions on what has been legally written for various reasons.

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