Looking Back on 2012

2012 was not the end of the world. But it was the end of the world as we knew it. For decades we had grown increasingly accustomed to systems that took advantage of us and enslaved us in debt and fear while deceiving us and making us feel it was the only way we could be free to shop and eat all we wanted and be entertained as much as humanly possible and shake our heads at trainwreck celebrities, and so on. War and surveillance and living off money that was 100% debt and believing we needed our governments, as they were, to survive, was expected and the status quo was the only way to go. It didn’t necessarily come to a sudden end in 2012, but after years and perhaps decades of gradual collapse of these systems that we all relied on, it was now blatantly clear that this era was ending. Self-fulfilling prophecy was all the rage, and some of the most amazing scenes in history played out on the world stage. We seemed eager to bring about a global transformation in this symbolic year, and time may tell us that we went about it all wrong, but it’s unmistakeable that the world we thought we knew is now something completely transformed and perhaps it’s time to start from scratch.

It’s like our relationship with the planet fell apart and we suddenly saw the error in our ways and now we’re trying to start with a blank slate. The Earth seemed to not be so quick to forgive and forget though, and we still don’t know if Earth has let its frustrations out enough. We still haven’t become the best inhabitants we could be. But this was probably the year that we finally saw- oh boy, we *really* screwed up and we wouldn’t be surprised if the Earth got rid of us completely- but Earth is extremely mature and loving and may just have been needing to show us a hint of what it’s felt like to abuse her increasingly for generations. She sure shook us up, and if it weren’t for her splashing some water in our face and slapping us around a bit, would we have figured out the error in our ways and straighten up on our own before it was too late and ruined any hope for survival on Earth completely? Who knows. But life-changing experiences make us grow, and 2012 may have been our biggest growth spurt yet.

In terms of the dramas among us mere humans, the spirit of freedom and revolution took full precedence, while the machines of war and power took their most desperate grabs yet. They had no other choice. The stirrings of revolution in 2011 and lessons learned from shortcomings of the efforts made that year led to the massive public displays and actions on a scale we’ve never seen, and there was no doubt the status quo was over. The beauty of it all uplifted mankind, amidst chaotic periods of hopelesness. Insanity ran rampant, but that was nothing new. The scientific discoveries propelled us through a new paradigm of understanding, or what we think we now know. A new era of exploration and comprehension is upon us. The Mayans, McKenna, the Hopi, and anyone else who prophecied about this year/time may have been right on because it was certainly out with the old and in with the new. Let’s toast to the new future we are now blessed to create and hope we get it a little closer to right this time! We’ve got nothing to lose.


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