Freewrite: A Mechanic Walks Into A Bar…

A mechanic walks into a bar. Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony begins playing on the jukebox. He buys a drink. He drops the glass due to his oil-drenched hands. The glass shatters across the floor. A shard pierces a woman’s high-heeled foot. She screams. The mechanic gulps. The bartender yells at the mechanic. The woman bleeds profusely and screams louder. The mechanic leaves in a hurry. The bartender runs around the counter. He calls 911. The mechanic runs down the sidewalk. A bar patron comes outside shouting at the mechanic. The mechanic turns and sees the patron. He runs faster. Turns a corner. A dodgeball rolls across the street and in front of the mechanic. The mechanic trips and falls. The patron catches up and grabs the mechanic. A kid approaches, looking at his ball and the two struggling men. The men look at the kid. The guy holding the mechanic drops him and tosses the kid the dodgeball. The mechanic gets to his feet. The kid leaves. The mechanic punches the bar patron. The mechanic runs and turns the corner.

A line of police are half a block ahead, cordoning off a protest. A group of protestors perform Bob Marley’s “Get Up Stand Up”. The mechanic slows down to a pace and turns left around police cars. The man chasing him catches up and slows his pace. The bar patron wipes oil from his eye. He cuts across the street ahead of the mechanic and punches him in the nose. He walks away. One cop turns around. The mechanic runs toward the bar patron in rage. He shoves him against the wall and twists his arm. The cop runs over. The mechanic doesn’t let go. The cop hits the mechanic’s back with his baton. The mechanic smashes the bar patron harder into the wall, shoving his face into it. The cop tazes the mechanic and he falls to the ground. A few other cops run over. The bar patron kicks the fallen mechanic in the ribs. Two cops tackle him down. Another cop helps the first cop pin the mechanic down. The mechanic struggles and manages to knee the first cop in the groin. The cop rolls to his side. The fourth cop takes his baton out and starts clubbing the mechanic. Two more cops run over and pin him down. Half of the police line is turned towards the chaos behind them. Protestors get a look. Protestors start yelling at the cops on the mechanic. The mechanic screams his lungs out. The bar patron struggles against the cops atop him. Another cop helps the cop who was kneed in the groin get to an ambulance. Another cop twists the mechanic’s arm to its breaking point. A couple protestors notice this and scream. A protestor with a mask jumps the barricade where cops are lacking. He runs toward the mechanic. A cop pepper sprays the protestor. The protestor stumbles and flails his arms around and hits the cop. Another cop strikes the protestor’s head with his baton. The protestor falls to his knee, then reaches for his shirt pocket. A cop by the police line shoots a rubber bullet at his chest. A camera falls from his hand. He collapses and two cops pin him. A few more people shout and burst through the barricade. Cops centralize on the barricade breach and block the protestors. Some struggle. Protestors are pepper sprayed. Protestors who have broken through yell and scuffle with police. The police hit them with batons and shove them down to pin them. The mechanic and masked protestor lay unconscious. The police handcuff and drag them to a paddy wagon. The bar patron is cuffed and escorted on as well. Several of the protestors are pinned and cuffed as well. A few of them remain standing and fight the police. An officer kicks a teenage girl in the back of her knee and she falls to her face. Blood pours from her face. An angry protestor leaps over the barricade, takes out a knife, and runs straight at the cop. He jabs the cop in the neck. Another cop shoots the knife man with a handgun. They both lay on the ground in puddles of blood. The girl screams. Many protestors scream. A stream of cops run over to the fallen cop and protestor. Paramedics rush over to both. A stream of protestors break through and a melee ensues. Numerous protestors are shot. A few officers are injured.

A chef gets in his car at the corner. He watches the action and drops his keys. He picks them up and starts his car. Beethoven’s 7th Symphony Movement II plays. He closes his eyes and inhales. He opens them and exhales. The ambulances start to leave, sirens blaring. Another ambulance comes from the direction of the bar. Two cars driving quickly between the intersecting ambulances collide when the front car slams on their brakes. The chef’s jumps in his seat. He looks over at the police-protestor melee. Tear gas fills the street. Several bodies lay on the ground. Protestors swarm the cops. A slew of riot police run from down the street toward the chaos. The chef rushes to get his car out of there. The ambulances have stopped and block his exit route. The army of riot police arrive near the chaos and form a line. They begin to shoot down protestors. The chef jumps out of his car and runs. He stops at the sound of an explosion. A storefront window is broken and on fire. He makes a sharp right to the clearest area he could see, filled with bumper to bumper traffic. Some people get out of their cars. Sirens are heard in all directions. The music from his car is still heard, and builds. He slows to a regular-paced walk. Another swarm of police cars approach and helicopters fly in overhead. More explosions are heard. A group of people run out of a stairwell across from the chef. They carry rocket-propelled grenade launchers. He stands in awe. One of them shoots a grenade at a car. The car explodes. The chef runs further. He runs toward the coast. He stops at the sand. He turns around. Smoke billows from between and above buildings. Gunfire and explosions and screams and crashes and sirens are heard. People from the beach watch in shock and awe. The chef turns and walks slowly toward the ocean. He takes off his chef’s hat. He jumps in and swims. He times the waves and swims further out between each wave. He turns once again as he floats off the shore. The city burns. A helicopter is hit by a surface-to-air projectile. The helicopter goes into a tailspin. The chef turns again and swims out, out into the ocean. He opens his eyes underwater and sees blue for eternity. The music continues.


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