Farewell, 27

Oh good heaven, what a number you are, 27… During this age came so many firsts- and hopefully lasts… First pass out from dehydration (on a job), first time getting brutally beaten and first broken jaw, first jail time, first time my grandma had a stroke (and resulting dementia), first time getting to say last words to someone (my cousin) who was on their death bed, first time predicting an earthquake a couple days before it happened (Japan- if this sounds crazy check back to about March 9 on my fb wall), first friend who went into a coma and was thought to die after a car crash with resulting amnesia, first time I sent people to prison (well they asked for it, and along with another victim)… most of this in a span of about 4 months. Mainly the first half of the year. I know I’m leaving out major events. And, probably the most public I’ve made things that many would usually keep private (mostly at a time I found myself separated from most friends in daily life, and then realized friends are vital).

And still some of the first real happiness I’ve felt in years. 2 scripts done (first drafts), 2 of the most important “speeches” I’ve ever given within a span of 3 days, a movement I’ve been waiting for for years (or at least the infancy of something I think is just a hint of bigger/better things to come), taking part in maybe the first political campaign I’ve ever really cared for/believed in, running into and seeing some of the coolest/most important people of my past, fully realizing and appreciating the value of friends, seeing a side of the family I’ve never seen all together, and many synchronicities that have assured me that as bumpy and obstacle-ridden as it is, I’m on the right path, and as climatically challenging as this year of all years has been. And I’ve come to understand self-fulfilling prophecy. Overall learned many huge and vital life lessons.

27, you are a number of true power, and I don’t mean this in a belittling way (yes, I don’t want to belittle a number), but you are just a number. Just like the Bible is just a book, Earth is just a planet, Conan is just a man, and this lady who started yelling at me from across the room about not “getting it” and why I don’t remember 1980 as I jotted most of this on a napkin last night was just a random crazy woman and not a cosmic code I should decipher. Anyway, it is just a number, and our minds sometimes put significance on things that don’t really mean anything, but they still do mean something to us, each with our own experience and perception of the universe, and I do believe to some degree our perceptions affect our realities.

And I know it’s been a challenging year for many people- and this is obviously not a 27 thing for most, but a 2011 thing, or simply a patternless non-numerical-related crazy year, and I know many have had a much worse (or much better) year- and this is simply my reflection on the year I just went through and a year I think the world, on a scale in which I’m just an ant, will also see this as a pivotal year in the world’s history. 2012… well… I think we should respect some things that may seem larger than life, and have a reverence, but not a fear.

(oh, my birthday was 11-27)


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