Well here it is. I don’t think anything really crazy or blatantly world-changing will happen today, but I sure think it’s a special number. 2nd to 27, this number has popped up at me for years, and it seems this is the number that people “see” the most. It could be pareidolia (the temptation to find patterns in random data), or it could be a truly mystical number. And I know, it’s 11-11-2011. (Interesting to note, we just passed 11-02-2011, perhaps the only true palindrome in a thousand years. And that was quite an eventful day for me. Instead of go on a long blog/my take on this, I’ll post a bunch of links I find really interesting. (for my last calendar-related blog, see my take on the end of the Mayan Calendar, as calculated by Carl Calleman to be 10-28-11) Happy 11-11-11!! And of course, Happy Veteran’s Day!

Egypt pyramid closure prevents 11/11/11 “meditation” ceremonies

Egypt closes Pyramids over 11-11-11 ‘Ceremony of Love’ (another take)

11-11-11 Worldwide Meditation Events

11/11/11: Is Date Tied to the Mayan Apocalypse? (some sarcastic comments, typical Fox style, but interesting points like maybe a shift in consciousness will be happening in 2012)

11 11 Phenomenon | Spiritual 11-11-11 & Winter Solstice 21-12-2012

November 11, 1911 – Big Weather Day!

An enormous boost will be applied to your individual energy fields

Um… 11-11-11 Crystal Skull Event: 13 Crystal skulls arriving in LA, to reveal the solutions to save humanity? eh…

A great mood setter-


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