Mayan calendar complete today

It’s certainly not the end of the world. But what you can say is the “second most popular” interpretation of the ending of the ancient Mayan calendar, behind the interpretation of it ending on Dec. 21st, 2012, is Carl Calleman’s calculation of its *completion* on Oct. 28, 2011… today. This is not the the end of the Tzolkin, the calendar which archaeologists have calculated ends on 12-21-12, but is based on the Mayan cyclical time concept of “underworlds”, or “13 heavens”/”7 days, 6 nights”. And not saying i “believe” in this but it’s intriguing:

From The Nine Underworlds of the Cosmos and their corresponding levels of Consciousness

According to ancient Mayan beliefs the Cosmos was made up by Nine Underworlds. This fundamental idea was expressed very powerfully through their most important pyramids, the Pyramid of the Plumed Serpent in Chichen-Itza, the Pyramid of the Jaguar in Tikal and the Temple of the Inscriptions in Palenque, which were all built with Nine different stories.
-Carl Calleman

As displayed in the graphs throughout this blog (and in much better detail on that site and around the web), there are nine “waves” of consciousness, represented in the Mayan pyramids, originating from our creation/the big bang 16.4 billion years ago, and leading up to *today*. Obviously, we’re all still here, and with only a few hours left on the west coast and much of the world now on the 29th, it’s unlikely the world’s ending today. But anybody who gains that interpretation from the end of the calendar, just as with the 2012 end, is completely missing the point. It is about all of history/time leading up to this time in which a new consciousness has come to fruition, or the “completion” of our evolution of consciousness.

The beginning of the creation of the First Underworld thus coincides well with the current best estimate of the beginning of Creation. This is a fact with very far-reaching consequences, since it means that all we today know to exist – all that has come into existence in the universe since the Big Bang – is included in the time span of the most basic of the creation cycles, the cycle of thirteen hablatuns, which creates the first of the Nine Underworlds. Mayan calendrics and the Mayan cosmology of Nine Underworlds and Thirteen Heavens is thus a tool for exploring all of creation!

Upon this the most basic of the Nine Underworlds, are then built eight other Underworlds each carrying and developing a special frame of consciousness for the life that it creates. In this way a hierarchical nine-leveled structure is created where lower levels of consciousness provide the foundation for new and higher levels. Each of these nine creation cycles thus gives rise to a specific Underworld and each of these Underworlds is characterised by a certain frame, or dimension, of consciousness. This frame of consciousness is then created in a series of thirteen steps, through the sequential influence of Thirteen Heavens. The beginnings of these sequences of Thirteen Heavens are marked by crucial events in cosmic evolution such as we know them from the datings of modern science, and such initiatory events are listed in the Table (below)

The Timeline of the Evolution of Consciousness *Feb. 11, 2011 should be Mar. 8, 2011

Does it feel like we’re done evolving? I certainly don’t think so; though I don’t know about you, the prevailing “vibe” that seems to be resonating throughout the world right now sure seems to be one of a “taking the power back” type consciousness, something that feels like it’s been building for years and is now finally coming to fruition. We certainly don’t have the power in our hands completely, as we’re obviously still run by a corrupt system from economics to politics to military to food to health and everything that’s supposed to be working *for* us, but, well- here’s one example- as of today, the major banks that recently started adding monthly fees for their usually-free checking accounts are now “backing off” and mostly holding off on these fees, because of public anger (obviously including the Occupy movement, many protests aimed at banks, including one today here in Vegas at Bank of America hq): More big banks backing off new debit card fees . And if you’ve been following the movement, you’ve been seeing that this huge “wave” of solidarity occurs/protests break out in response to each oppressive action, such as the Oakland police attack on the protestors (which severely injured a Marine, Scott Olsen, which may have been a flashpoint), and the hundreds arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge almost a month ago, and the world’s “99%” seems to be uniting and announcing that the elite of the world cannot continue squashing our freedoms, making the poor poorer and the rich richer, and so on. Now that this global revolution has seemed to hit and suddenly sweep the U.S., the country seen by most as the driving force that is bringing the world down with it, doesn’t it seem that the pivotal moment is upon us, it’s now or never? Has there not been a feeling of building tension the last several years and feeling “something” is going to happen to release this tension? Could this be it? I’m sure many are expecting 2012 to be the time for all these major “releases of tension”, and many believe it’s all B.S. Well I think we are already in that time, and it won’t be a matter of a day’s or week’s or month’s events, but we’ve been in the transition and there is no turning back.

I believe this is what “2012” is about. Maybe people will start to get that it’s not about the “end of the world” but the end of the world as we’ve known it for our lifetimes, and indeed the definition of apocalypse- the great unveiling. The world has been awakening and perhaps if this specific time has a true historical significance in the context of all of human history, it is the moment at which critical mass is achieved. The ruling class know that their time is short, that is why there is so much media against this, and so many manipulations and sneaky tactics of groups trying to show “support” for it and trying to infiltrate and spin it to achieve their own goals. I think this is a major threat in these sensitive times but I *do believe* that humankind *is* reaching (or already has) this point of fruition of conscious co-creation (as shown in the images and on the site) and it is so powerful that we won’t get trapped in the web of lies and deceit again, that if we keep at this and remember we are what we’ve been waiting for, we’ll create the world we actually want, that the whole world is clearly trying to unify to achieve. No totalitarian “new world order” or “one world religion”, but a world in which, however we figure this out, actually represents what is best for *we the people*, not what the government decides is “best” for us. Resource-based technology, collective planning, automated innovation, fully realizing our “oneness”/our divine nature, whatever it involves, whatever it takes to create a better world.

I don’t want to keep rambling about what we could be headed towards, but I want to get this point across- I think we have reached a pivotal point, and are in the middle of pivotal times, and in no way am I saying it’ll all unfold to our benefit from here on out. More than ever we as a whole need to work to make our world better, to not let it fall completely and forever into the hands of this elite group. For a while people have said “we only have a matter of time before it’s too late”, and more than ever this is clear now. This movement represents so much- and mainly, opportunity to actually take the world back into our hands, and take responsibility for our future.

In terms of the way this calendar actually works, over the past year I’ve been intrigued by how each “day” and “night” has played out. This ninth and final “underworld” (if you’re lost, check the graphs) started March 9 of this year and based on this was supposed to introduce a new energy into our consciousness, to set the tone for this final “wave” of consciousness. On that day there was the first huge solar flare of this year, and two days later was the Japan earthquake. Did this feel like any other earthquake? No, this 9- magnitude monster created a tsunami that killed thousands and a nuclear disaster that seemed downright apocalyptic. I don’t have measurements of this but protests against nuclear power plants seemed to burst out around the world, amidst the ” Arab spring” revolutions that were already underway. No one can deny that a phenomenon was underway in the middle east, and well, by March 19, the U.S.. invaded another country, the excuse being a humanitarian mission in Libya, which, well, i got into on my last blog. So on multiple fronts, world-changing events that, depending on your perspective, pushed the world into a very impacted and new era. What we learned from that time is arguable, but certainly the world was changed.

And has time seemed to accelerate, or events occur more often the last year? I can’t speak for anyone else, but this has by far been the most dramatic year of my life. I sometimes wondered if this had anything to do with my obsession with the number 27 and me being 27 this year, but i attributed that translation to maybe self-fulfilling prophecy, and, well, just needing to learn lessons. I got badly beaten, had trouble with the law a couple times (never have before), faced a major death in the family, nearly died a couple times, closest people come and gone, and other huge life changes, with each major event happening monthly or more, and my life is not usually that crazy. Whatever it was, this year was unlike any other, and I’m thrilled i lived through it and experienced and learned so much. And i believe our existing at this time in history is a gift to all of us, and whatever extreme highs and lows happen, we are undoubtedly going through one of the most transformational and pivotal times in human history. Brace yourselves for even more.

And just to keep things “short”, I’m not even touching on the heating of all the planets and other intergalactic drama, or the exponential breakthroughs in science.

And the All My Children and One Life To Live era has ended.

Carl Calleman: What Will the End of the Mayan Calendar Mean?


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