Gaddafi’s Death & Another War For Oil

I heard Gaddafi was killed but I did not realize so brutally, and some of it caught on tape (Video here- warning, sort of graphic: Raw Video of Gaddafi beaten while still alive). And his body was dragged through the streets. This is unsettling enough, but now I’m realizing this was *definitely* a move by the US/NATO to take over Libya’s oil, and get rid of a leader who was going to sell the country’s oil to Russia/China/India, was providing free health care, food, school and more to his people, and about to return to the Gold standard. That, of course, is not ok with the western elite. I knew this was a BS campaign from the get go, mainly about Libya’s oil, but it’s all making more sense now.

The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), the rebels that the U.S. supported to topple Gaddafi, was openly supported by and is said by the *Council on Foreign Relations* to be connected to Al Qaeda (which is clearly CIA connected), right here on their terrorist group webpage. And the protests started out as rallies IN FAVOR OF Gaddafi. Well during these protests, the terrorist-tied groups of “rebels” started burning down police stations and other government building, killing many, and of course, Gaddafi’s government had to retaliate. Chaos ensued and rumors spread- such as Gaddafi ordering airstrikes on his own people, remember that? Well, reports over the next few days showed it didn’t happen.

Anyway, again, the West just could not stand for Gaddafi letting China, Russia, and India having access to his oil and not the U.S., so of course, just like Saddam and his regime, Gaddafi and his regime had to be taken down. This was not a humanitarian mission. What about Egypt? Yemen? ISRAEL? Syria, well, just stay tuned for Syria.

So why do I get into all this after all is said and done? Well, hopefully we’re learning, and I think we are. People seemed to be a lot more skeptical of this than we were about Iraq. But the Obama administration just decided to give this the go-ahead quickly and without congressional approval anyway, probably because they knew it’d be a much harder sell this time. And finally we are taking to the streets about things so next time we should not let these things happen without us showing we KNOW what’s really going on. I just do worry about how much the West *keeps* stirring the pot in the Middle East, as they have for decades, and pushing terrorist-type organizations to power in recent years so we have Islamic extremism in power there and asking for them to run the jihad that will certainly most appropriately increasingly aimed at the West (incl. Israel of course), as they increasingly realize they’re all being used as pawns and pitted against each other, for our gain. But WE, as a people, with today’s global broadcasting web at peak effectiveness, can show the world that we don’t support our rulers’ actions of aggressive and quite evil foreign manipulation, and they do not represent us.

I’ll let you check these out and continue to discover the truth, if you aren’t already sure about it. (I acknowledge there’s the *slightest chance* it’s a whole lot of pro-Gaddafi Libyan propaganda… but come on, who is likelier to have the slicker propaganda? And why did we decide to intervene in Libya, of all places?)

Gaddafi under siege: Two CIA-backed groups, an al-Qaeda-linked LIFG on top of power stakes
“Neutral” article: Big Oil Sees Huge Opportunities in Post-Gaddafi Libya, but Shouldn’t Expect Any Favors
“Whatever the sins of the Gaddafi regime, it kept tight rein over its oil industry,”
“On August 23, when asked about the possibility of the National Transitional Council renegotiating contracts, Wen Zhongliang, deputy head of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce’s trade department, blustered, “I can say in four words: They would not dare; they would not dare change any contracts.”

Gaddafi on Al Qaeda taking over bases and defends himself to BBC in english:

And after writing most of this, I just now saw this great/disturbing timeline:


2 thoughts on “Gaddafi’s Death & Another War For Oil

  1. I did a post about this a few days ago. Did you see the video of the rebels sodomizing him with a knife? Western media has tried to demonize Gadaffi but he was actually trying to do a lot of good for Africa and the Middle East. Look up the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer system and the reintroduction of the gold dinar currency. Like always, the wars are started for money and the benefit of a few of the elite.

    • Actually, yeah, but i thought it was some kind of pipe, and i wasnt sure i wanted to believe that, but well guess it’s not too surprising. Sick. And thanks for the info, didn’t know about the aquifer system. Our media propaganda sure is relentless.

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