“Occupy” Updates, Great Videos

A few good articles and some VITAL videos to watch… this is truly becoming a global movement (whoever is/tries to get involved, its core is grassroots/*the people*), maybe the start of the tangible paradigm shift we’ve known has been coming…
And to you Las Vegans- next march? Oct. 20, 3pm, starts in front of Caesar’s Palace

How The Wall Street Protestors Win
The movement to Occupy Wall Street is a Result of a Cosmic shift of energy.
Expert on Nonviolent Revolution Gene Sharp
OWS Organizers Blast MoveOn (MoveOn trying to co-opt the movement)


“I Am Not Moving” – short film (“Hypocrisy has its own elegant symmetry”)

Peter Joseph (Zeitgeist)- Great plan for Occupy Wall Street & the world

Mark Ruffalo – Lose the Fear

Marine vs. 30 cops

Incredible speech by Wall Street protestor

“Let’s stop beating around the Bush: This is a full-fledged revolution” (Russia Times)

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