Rest in Peace, two amazing people…

Laura Johnson and Steve Jobs.

The passing of Steve Jobs was of course somewhat of a shock to millions, one of the most revolutionary innovators of our time, perhaps the most important technological figure of our generation. Millions may not know Laura Johnson, my cousin, but she left a positive impact on this world as well, on everyone she met. They both died of cancer, something I used to take for granted but now it’s taking so many victims, and it’s really starting to scare me. And I will try to be as careful as possible to resist it.

Monday morning, October 3rd, just after midnight, my cousin Laura died. Fortunately I heard she suddenly took a turn for the worse a week before, so was able to take a trip to see her before she died. She visited here a couple months ago, and she looked years younger then… not the healthiest ever, but not near death. Didn’t expect it to get so bad so fast. She was mostly unresponsive but the second time I talked to her she sat up (with help) and actually opened her eyes some and smiled as best she could toward me, and she tried talking and I made out a couple words but of course she really struggled. As nice of a moment as could happen amidst all this.
‎The rest of the time she could hardly move or open her eyes more than a slit and could only make noises. It was really a major surprise that she managed what she did. But felt so bad I couldn’t understand her, except I understood “sit” (next to her). She was so strong, and was one of the most important and independent people in my life, took me everywhere and watched me a lot when I was 10-13ish. Before I found out she died, I was doing all kinds of productive things, feeling like I had an all-day burst of energy, doing things I’d been procrastinating at. She was pretty much the most productive woman I knew as a kid, and I feel like she subconsciously/spiritually “told” me to move my life forward. I will continue to do so, “auntie” Laura.

And Steve Jobs… affected all our lives. Really strange, around 4PM today I was telling my mom that Steve Jobs has cancer and was telling her his life story because her memory about him is rusty… and not ten minutes after telling her and reading his Wikipedia page, which was still open in a tab, the news said he was dead. It really floored me. I did not realize he was so close to death when it was announced his replacement Tim Cook would be unveiling the iPhone 5 and not him, the day before. Gladly his essence and legacy will live on through Apple, all his creations… he is such an inspiration. So many of us video editors have him to thank for so much…

May these two amazing people who left such a positive impression on so many people’s lives rest in peace. Heaven, the spiritual realm, or wherever you are, has been receiving such great souls.

I’ll leave you with a page with some advice on foods that can fight cancer-
Alkaline Foods To Fight Cancer


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