Occupy Wall Street Updates- It’s Getting Intense

The Actual Demands.

I’ve tried to keep up with the occupation but so much has been going on, but I caught myself up today as much as I could and WOW. Over 10,000 protestors this past weekend. Over 700 arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge, after police (many commanders) reportedly allowed them halfway onto the bridge, then trapped the protestors by orange barricade nets. Also, amazing report (on mainstream media!) on police brutality and how it happens constantly, but we get to see a little bit thanks to cameras at the protest, which is the worst enemy of the police (and they show it)…(and of course there are many good police who do the right thing, I’ve known some). Also, more of an idea of what this protest is about- and if you live in Vegas, check out the Occupy Las Vegas group/march on Thursday Oct. 6 and occupation on Oct. 15 (at bottom). And I am still skeptical of who could be behind it all or potential infiltration… cautious skepticism is all.

MARINES and ARMY veterans will soon be joining the protests! In their dress blues!
imagine the images if the police were to try to reckon with former military officers in uniform…

• MSNBC on NYPD Police Brutality during Occupy Wall Street Lawrence O’donnell with “The Last Word”

• Over 700 protestors were arrested after reportedly being allowed and guided onto the Brooklyn Bridge by police/commissioners, and it’s continuing today. A story from yesterday:
UPDATE: Cops Accused Of Trapping Wall Street Protesters On Brooklyn Bridge For Mass Arrests

• Brutal crackdown on Brooklyn Bridge, 700 protesters arrested

• Michael Moore ‘Occupy Wall Street will only get Bigger’ • Keith Olbermann (and the bankers have known this is coming…) (video from a couple weeks ago when there were just a few hundred)

JP Morgan Chase buys off NYPD (donates $4.6 million before looming protests)

Wall Street Mocks Protesters By Drinking Champagne (VIDEO)

Transport Workers Union blasts NYPD for putting handcuffed protestors on buses, making drivers transport them

And to keep up with live events (it’s pretty dramatic right now- mass arrests continuing at Brooklyn Bridge), go to Livestream: http://www.livestream.com/globalrevolution
And the main hub of updates: Occupy Wall Street | NYC Protest for American Revolution

Occupy Las Vegas:
A local group plans to protest in the valley like demonstrators on Wall Street. (FOX 5 NEWS VIDEO)
OccupyLasVegas facebook group
• Facebook event page: MARCH ON THE STRIP
• Yelp: Occupy Las Vegas – OCT 6 kick off @ NYNY statue of Liberty 3pm

So sadly symbolic. Reportedly, moments after this, another protestor took the flag, waved it around, then promptly got arrested.


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