What “should” we “believe”?

Should we believe nothing? I don’t know how many of you feel this way but I think a lot of us do because of the huge lies and disappointments we’ve experienced (talking governmentt mainly) in recent years, along with seeing more of what’s really going on because it just can’t be hidden anymore. But I think our confusion and distrust is what the “liars” are enjoying. We can’t all be sheep anymore but we’re getting very divided, skeptical of every new “voice of truth” even if we just jumped on board. I think it’s both unhealthy but also healthy because we’re learning to think for ourselves.

But out of this we have to believe that a lot of us want a good future so we’ll have to cooperate for something progressive, or else we’ll be arguing forever and letting those in charge abuse their power as much as they want… and this of course may sound scattered and confused because I certainly haven’t reached a verdict on who/what is “right”. But I will continue to “believe” things (including new ideas I have yet to or have barely begun to learn) with one foot at the edge of the ring because it’s so damn hard to know, for sure.

But I’ll also continue putting my heart into a new future because what we have has gone too wrong to settle with, as much as we can have peace with ourselves, and it’d be a huge mistake to be so skeptical that nothing will ever sound right. And I think we all know *we* can make some right decisions for the future, and there’s a lot more of *us* out there too. (and I think our guts and brains can work together nicely)

What do you believe we should do about our future? In one sentence. (just kidding)


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