SIX solar flares in 18 hours

From Sep. 18 to 19… 2 of the 6 quickly dissipated, while the 4 remaining CMEs blasted out into our solar system. One is directed at Earth and should hit us on the 22nd. (view trajectory animation below) video (with cool sun doom rock music! and a count of the flares):

Remember, or research if you don’t know- these can interfere with global or regional communications as the flares affect satellites (like the one that’s due to hit our side of the Earth by Friday)… and there have been patterns seen in which major earthquakes often follow these flares reaching the Earth. Back on March 8/9 I and others speculated that a major earthquake could be coming, following a major CME that occurred on the 8th and was to hit Earth around the 11th… and what happened? The 9.0 Japan earthquake and tsunami. This isn’t a post of fear, but of awareness. Often times we don’t really see any noticeable effects from these flares. But almost always we get great auroras.

Also of notable news yesterday- NASA announces a new “secret” of solar flares was discovered earlier this year- 1 in 7 flares has an aftershock, or a “late phase flare”, which can have 4 times the UV energy of the original flare. And that “some flares are many times stronger than previously thought”. Story here- The Secret Lives of Solar Flares

Animation of the 6 flares: SDO200


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